DJ vs. Wedding Band: Which One Should I Choose?

DJ vs. Wedding Band: Which One Should I Choose?

If you haven’t figured it out already, wedding planning involves a lot of decision-making. From picking between dresses, color palettes, venues, and more, it sometimes feels like choosing between this or that will never stop.

However, some decisions are more important than others. For example, the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses is a matter of personal preference, while choosing the entertainment for your evening is much more critical.

The music entertainment you choose for your wedding could make or break the atmosphere of your reception. In this article, we’ll share what you should expect when choosing an entertainment company and how to make the most out of your music.

Here’s our guide to DJs vs. wedding bands: which one should I choose?

What To Expect: DJs

If your wedding has a more modern vibe to its celebration, hiring a DJ for your reception may be your best choice. Not only do DJs have unlimited access to whatever songs or artists your guests may request, but they can also remix and rearrange some of your favorite songs into mixes and mashups.

DJs also offer more versatility in terms of how they can play music for your guests. For example, while a live band simply plays their instruments and sings, DJs can scratch and blend records.

The type of music you plan to play at your wedding can also help you choose a DJ or band. If your playlist consists of classic rock, folk, or classical songs, a live band will likely be a better option. For couples with more techno, pop, and sync beat playlists, DJs will be more suitable.

DJs also have plenty of other advantages. Check out our list below to see the best benefits of choosing a DJ over a band.


Compared to live bands, DJs are typically less expensive and more budget-friendly. Since bands require more equipment and room during transportation, they will almost always eat up more of your budget than a single DJ.


Many couples forget to consider how much space their reception hall has before hiring a band or DJ. If your reception is in a smaller or more intimate venue, choosing a DJ will be more beneficial. 

What To Expect: Live Bands

Now that we’ve outlined some of the best benefits of hiring a DJ, let’s examine when hiring a live wedding band is wiser. Most importantly, if you’re leaning toward hiring a live band for your wedding, it’s crucial that you watch this band perform live at least once before inviting them to your wedding. Only after you’ve seen and enjoyed a band perform live should you consider them as a possible option for your wedding.

Here are some of the other benefits of choosing a band over a DJ.

Live Interactions

A live band can play and react in real-time with your audience. If your crowd is timid or shy about dancing, a live band can directly address your friends and family to encourage them to dance. Since bands can read the room immediately, the atmosphere of your reception is much more likely to feel carefree and have an enjoyable time.

Music Quality

The best benefit to hiring a live band is the live music. While digital tracks may be convenient, there’s nothing quite like hearing your favorite songs performed live on guitars, drums, and a bass. If your wedding crowd is an audience of music lovers and enthusiasts, consider choosing a live band to keep the energy of your reception high all night long.

If you need inspiration for your wedding day playlist, consider looking at perfect wedding playlists to see what songs make the most romantic backdrop. 

Picking the entertainment for your reception is no simple feat. However, we hope our DJ vs. wedding band guide has helped you decide which one you should choose. This helpful resource will allow you to start mapping out your options. To learn more about bridal advice and read insider tips from wedding industry vendors, browse Everyday Bride’s website for more information.

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December 13, 2021

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