Creative Ways To Add More Personality to Your Wedding Cake

Creative Ways To Add More Personality to Your Wedding Cake

There’s nothing better than sitting down at your reception and finally getting a slice of your wedding cake. After months and months of preparation, you can enjoy the delicious, sweet treat that signifies celebration and love. However, to have that glorious moment, you must decide what type of cake you want, the overall aesthetic, flavoring, and more before the big day.

We recommend ordering your cake about four to six months before your wedding. So, depending on your wedding planning process, gathering ideas and inspiration as soon as possible is best to work out the flavoring details.

Thinking outside the box and bringing forth your and your partner’s personality are important when gathering ideas. Your wedding cake doesn’t need to be white, three-tiered, and have a traditional topper. Allow your creativity to flourish through your details, including your cake.

Keep reading to discover six creative ways to add more personality to your wedding cake.

It’s All in the Flavor

If you and your partner are leaning toward having a traditional wedding cake, there’s still a way you can add personality: in the batter and frosting. If you both have a favorite cake flavor, like the Italian wedding cake or the classic Funfetti flavor, ask the baker to use those recipes for your wedding cake.

This way, your cake will look traditional on the outside, but when your guests bite into their slices, they will be met with a unique or familiar flavor.

Add a Unique Cake Topper

Another creative way to add personality to your wedding cake is by adding a unique cake topper. Most wedded couples top their cakes with miniature versions of themselves or calligraphy of their names. However, you can take the cake topper to the next level by adding your favorite characters, profession, or a playful phrase to the top of your cake.

Playful phrases you can add include:

  • “Finally.”
  • “At Last.”
  • “And the Adventure Begins.”
  • Or, add an inside joke between the two of you.

Get Personalized Cakes

If you and your spouse-to-be have such dazzling personalities, why not have two cakes? You and your partner can show personality and creativity through your designs, flavoring, and cake toppers. This will help if you both can’t agree on the vision of the wedding cake or desire two flavors. Nonetheless, your guests will enjoy looking at (and eating) two gorgeous cakes.

Allow Your Cake To Tell a Story

Maybe you met at a college party, or they proposed at your favorite restaurant. Your love story is unique and deserves to be shared. Show off your love story through your cake! You can be as creative as you want. You could mold the cake into the shape of a favorite shared hobby or design a cake dedicated to that infamous night in Vegas. Whatever you choose, your personalities and genuine love will show through this cake.

Tie the Cake In With the Venue

If you booked a picture-perfect venue, why not design the cake based on the venue? You can add your wedding colors and details from the decor and designs around the venue. For example, if you booked a grand ballroom, you can take elements from the elegant chandelier or paintings you see around the venue.

Perhaps you booked a rooftop bar in a tropical climate. Then you can add native florals and decorative elements to the cake. Add colors from the sunset, water, greenery, and more.

Don’t Order a Cake at All

Another way you can add personality and uniqueness to your wedding cake is by not having a cake at all! There are many alternatives to wedding cakes, like donuts, pastries, cupcakes, cookies, candy, and more. You can even add a fondue station as a replacement! If you don’t want a cake, don’t fret. Make a tower of your favorite treats and allow your guests to dig in.

Who said wedding cakes had to be boring? Adding flair to your wedding can go beyond the decorative details in the fabrics and into the food you enjoy. Your wedding should reflect your and your partner’s style and personality. Enjoy the end of your wedding day by tasting delicious treats tailored to you.

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March 1, 2023

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