Creative Ideas for a Valentine's Day-Inspired Wedding

Creative Ideas for a Valentine’s Day-Inspired Wedding

There are many benefits to including Valentine’s Day as your wedding theme. Not only does this holiday celebrate love and commitment, but Valentine’s Day weddings also often feature some of the most beautiful winter sceneries.

Depending on your location, a Valentine’s Day wedding can be a dreamy winter wonderland or a destination getaway. Either way, hosting a Valentine’s Day wedding will be an unforgettable and magical event. Unsure how to combine this holiday with your wedding day? Continue reading to learn some creative ideas for a Valentine’s Day-inspired wedding.

In this article, we’ll share ideas such as:

  • Cupid’s bow and arrow décor
  • Hand out valentines
  • Red and pink centerpieces
  • Heart-shaped stationery
  • Valentine’s Day note walls
  • Romantic cocktails
  • Candle lighting
  • Cute confetti

Let’s get started!  

Cupid’s Bow and Arrow Décor

Cupid is perhaps the most well-known symbol of Valentine’s Day. With his bow and arrow poised and aimed at different lovers, this Valentine’s Day figure is the perfect icon to feature in your wedding décor. Consider using bow and arrow-themed accessories to dress up your wedding venue space.

Sticking plastic arrows inside floral centerpieces or adding bows to the decorative centerpieces at your guests’ tables is a simple and elegant way to nod to this classic Valentine’s Day imagery.

If you prefer a more subtle approach to this creative idea, stick decorative bows and arrows inside your guests’ party favor bags. Regardless of how you pay homage to Cupid, arrows and bows are a seamless detail to weave into your wedding.

Creative Ideas for a Valentine's Day-Inspired Wedding

Hand Out Valentines

Will you be my Valentine?

Who doesn’t love receiving a simple and sweet note from someone they love? If you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day wedding, get your guests into the holiday spirit by leaving them a personalized valentine next to their seat assignment. Whether you write a small note or leave a sweet treat with your Valentine, your guests will appreciate the love.  

Who said kids were the only ones who could hand out valentines? Grab a pen and some stationery and get to work on your personalized bridal valentines.

Red and Pink Centerpieces

One of the most common concerns people have when hosting a Valentine’s Day wedding is tackiness. Many couples worry that overstating Valentine’s Day imagery in their wedding could make their celebration look silly.

If you’re concerned about the holiday spirit taking over your wedding day, try a more subtle approach to Valentine’s Day decorations. For example, focusing on red and pink color combinations for bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, and décor can go a long way.

Not only do red and pink create a beautiful palette for your wedding, but these colors will also bring a romantic essence to the atmosphere of your ceremony and reception.

Creative Ideas for a Valentine's Day-Inspired Wedding

Heart-Shaped Stationery

You can’t host a Valentine’s Day-themed wedding without including some hearts in your ceremony and reception. Unsure where to add hearts into your décor? Start by designing custom heart-shaped stationery.

Your save-the-dates, invitations, and table cards are all the perfect items to craft into unique Valentine’s Day emblems. Not only will these details add a cute charm to your ceremony and reception, but heart-shaped stationery is also simple to create. Check out more ways to make Valentine’s Day wedding invitations or come up with your own unique ideas.

Valentine’s Wall

Share the love at your wedding by featuring a unique Valentine’s Day wall. This wall will be the perfect place to set up red and pink note cards and markers. Guests can write their own personalized love notes and pin these cards to the Valentine’s Day wall once they’re finished.

By the end of the night, you’ll have a wall filled with love notes and a room full of guests who feel appreciated.

Consider adding this small feature to your wedding.

Creative Ideas for a Valentine's Day-Inspired Wedding

Romantic Cocktails

Custom and personalized drink menus are one of the most fun details to include at your wedding. If you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day wedding, this is the perfect opportunity to craft a creative Valentine’s Day cocktail list. Play around with holiday buzzwords and your favorite beverages to make unforgettable mix names.

Need help brainstorming some classic cocktail names? Check out the Valentine’s Day-themed drinks list below to gain some inspiration.

  • Love Potion
  • Married Mimosas
  • Sweetheart Sangria
  • Cupid’s Cosmopolitan
  • Lovebug Lemon Drops

Names aren’t the only way to spice up your wedding drink menu. Couples can also add details such as heart-shaped fruits, ice cubes, and straws to make these cocktails unforgettable.

Candle Lighting

For those who want their Valentine’s Day wedding to have a warm and romantic glow, candle lighting may be an optimal décor decision. Lighting a flurry of candles to illuminate your wedding ceremony and reception is the best way to represent the warm love and comfort you’ll feel on this momentous day.

Additional lighting will still be necessary, but consider channeling these elegant vibes by adding tea candles to your guests’ tables and the reception’s décor.

Creative Ideas for a Valentine's Day-Inspired Wedding

Cute Confetti

It’s a tradition that wedding guests shower newly married couples with rice or confetti as they exit their wedding. Why not take a new approach to this tradition by replacing rice or confetti with a million miniature hearts?

With some red and pink stationery and scissors, guests can create handfuls of tiny hearts to shower their newly engaged friends with love. This detail is so simple yet so sweet that there’s no reason not to feature it at your wedding!


These are just a handful of the creative ideas for a Valentine’s Day-themed wedding you can try. Valentine’s Day is such a big and iconic holiday that you can take many different approaches to planning a Valentine’s Day wedding. Whether you enjoy big hearts, bows, arrows, and classic Valentine’s Day imagery, or you prefer small details with pink and red and palettes, your guests will certainly feel the love at your wedding.

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