Choosing a Bridal Color: 3 Nontraditional Gown Colors

Choosing a Bridal Color: 3 Nontraditional Gown Colors

Getting married is exciting, and a lot of decision-making goes into planning a wedding. Not only do you have to decide on the perfect style of dress but also the color! Keep reading this guide on nontraditional gown colors for help choosing the right bridal color.

Why Is White the Tradition?

We’ve got several fun colors to give you inspiration for picking out your dream gown, but first, let’s talk about tradition. Why are wedding dresses white or accent colors like ivory? This relates to the meaning we’ve given to colors based on societal constructs and how we feel. White symbolizes purity, and the color became a trend way back in the 1840s when Queen Victoria wore it for her debut down the aisle.

3 Great Color Ideas

Wedding dresses come in just about every color you can imagine because we all have a favorite. However, every option has a different meaning and is popular for varying reasons. We’ve highlighted some of the top nontraditional gown colors to make it easier for you to choose your bridal dress.


Although white is tradition now, red is a perfect throwback if you want a classic color from before Queen Victoria changed the trends. Red is a passionate color that’ll easily keep everyone’s eyes on you throughout the night. And it comes in various beautiful shades like burgundy, crimson, and ruby.

When deciding on the ideal hue, consider the season and your skin tone. Burgundy dresses look amazing on just about everyone, and they’re most popular for fall and winter weddings because of the darker shade.

Bridal Tip

Red also holds significance in some cultures because it represents energy and strength. These are two key things that every couple wants to bring to their marriage to ensure it flourishes.


Some women playfully call themselves an anti-bride because they oppose many common wedding traditions. Like red, black dresses make a major statement because they’re the polar opposite of what we normally see at a wedding. Many of us think of black clothing as a negative since we often see it in mass during mourning. But black symbolizes elegance and formality.


Pink or delicate shades of blush are other top options that blend the classic tradition of light-colored wedding dresses with a modern touch. So why choose pink? Like white, it represents innocence, but it’s more eye-catching. Pink also represents playfulness, passion, and kindness. With a pink or blush dress, you bring all these values to your special day while also wearing a color that’s a bit more subtle.

Making Your Decision

No matter what color of wedding dress you buy, everyone will have something to say when you’re trying on all your options. Your entourage will have opinions on the best dress style, neckline, kind of veil you should wear, and more. And while their advice certainly is helpful, it should not be the deciding factor in your decision.

What Color Looks Best on You

When deciding what color and shade to wear, you also need to determine which shade looks the most stunning on you and fits into your wedding theme. All pink dresses don’t look the same since you can get shades close to white or wear a brighter shade of pink. Once you decide what color you want to wear, ask the worker helping you to pull shades they feel would look the best on you based on their expertise.

Consider Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Once you’ve decided on your wedding dress, it’s time to pick what the bridesmaids will wear. While you can have a style in mind early on, hold off on color until you’ve said yes to your dress. Why? Because ideas change. You may initially want a black dress but find a gorgeous crimson one you like even more.

The color of your bridesmaids’ dresses should pair well with your bridal gown. And some brides make the difference between the Maid of Honor and bridesmaids clear to guests by dressing them in different colors. You want to ensure that every color flows together.

An Alternative Option

While you can’t always have your cake and eat it too, this is one area where you totally can! If you want the traditional white dress for your walk down the aisle but also want a colored dress, get both. Buy a gown for the ceremony and a dress for the reception. This is your wedding, and you can customize it to fit your dreams. On your big day, there’s only one rule about what you wear: you have to rock it!

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