Buy, Rent, or Make: Easy Ways To Save Money on Wedding Decor

Buy, Rent, or Make: Easy Ways To Save Money on Wedding Decor

There’s a chance you have a clear vision of what you want your wedding to look like. It could be a beautiful statement wall full of flowers, stunning centerpieces, and a ceiling adorned with chandeliers and floating candles. You want something straight out of a fairy tale, and it would be nice for all your wishes to come true.

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive. The bills seem endless between catering costs, wedding rings, and alterations. However, there’s a way you can have your cake and eat it too! After you and your partner set a budget, you can determine the best option for purchasing wedding decor: buying, renting, or making your own.

Making decisions for your wedding can be tough but fear not. Below, we will present three easy ways to save money on wedding decor without sacrificing your dream wedding.

Buying Wedding Decor

For many people planning a wedding, the decor is a priority, and most of the budget will cater to flowers, centerpieces, lighting, seating, and more. Buying wedding decor is always an option for those who want to hold on to their wedding decor for sentimental value. They may also plan to upcycle their decor or resell the items later.

Many people don’t realize that instead of buying wedding decor from expensive storefronts, you can buy wholesale for a lower price. This way, you save money and can keep the items for personal use. You can get LED light signs, artificial or live flowers, wedding arches, napkins, and more from one vendor, saving you time and stress.

Bonus Money Saving Tip

If buying decor wholesale is not an option, you can buy some wedding decor from the thrift store. Some items you can find at a thrift store are:

  • Vases
  • Linen
  • Picture frames
  • Furniture
  • Artificial flowers
  • Dishware

Renting Wedding Decor

Renting your wedding decor will save you money, save your sanity, and alleviate stress. Renting your wedding decorations and accessories will give you more flexibility when accommodating a larger number of guests and help you secure everything you need. Unlike purchasing, you don’t have to play a waiting game and hope your items arrive on time. You can pick up your items at your desired date and time without hassle or confusion.

However, renting furniture can still add up and become expensive when totaling fees. You will also be responsible for returning these items in pristine condition or facing the costly consequences of a damaged or missing item.

Making Your Wedding Decor

Making your wedding decor has become a popular trend over the years. Crafting and creating can be a fulfilling experience, allowing you to create bonds with your loved ones and close friends helping. DIYing your wedding can help cut down your cost of wedding decor. Making your centerpieces, welcome signs, or photo booth props can save you hundreds of dollars.

Doing certain things alone will also make your wedding more personal and special. You’re adding your personality to the decor, which will help bring that sparkle to your guest’s eyes. Being able to brag and tell everyone you made the wedding favors or chair decorations will give you an accomplished feeling.

Who said you couldn’t have your fairy-tale wedding? There are so many easy ways to save money on wedding decor. After evaluating your budget, use the method that will allow you to splurge on other wedding items.

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December 22, 2022

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