Budget-Friendly Bubbly: 4 Champagne Alternatives To Consider

Budget-Friendly Bubbly: 4 Champagne Alternatives To Consider

After a beautiful ceremony, many couples offer Champagne to guests at cocktail hour or have a Champagne toast at the reception. However, this isn’t necessarily a budget-friendly drink; some couples prefer to allocate that money to more important things like décor or entertainment. We’ve scoured the web to create this list of four Champagne alternatives to consider so that you find the perfect budget-friendly bubbly drink for your big day.


This drier Italian wine is among the most popular Champagne alternatives and uses Glera grapes for its unique taste. Many love this sparkling wine because of the delightful flavors of apple, cream, melon, and peach with a hint of honeycomb. It’s worth noting that the bubbles in this wine are a bit lighter than in Champagne, so they may not last as long. But that doesn’t impact the fantastic taste of Prosecco!

Most wine lovers recommend shopping for a Prosecco bottled in either Valdobbiadene Conegliano or Asolo Prosecco, as these are the best quality. Shop for a brand of Prosecco that has the flavors you like most and pairs best with the food you’ll serve.


As with Champagne, workers create this beverage in France and follow the same method. However, this sparkling wine is a lot more affordable. Typically, a bottle can range from around 15 to 20 dollars, making it a perfect Champagne alternative if you want a budget-friendly bubbly drink. Some of the most popular Crémant include:

  • Crémant de Bourgogne
  • Crémant de Savoie
  • Crémant d’Alsace

Many couples gravitate toward this sparkling wine because it tastes amazing but can be half the price of Champagne. Additionally, this wine comes in white and red options and various flavors, depending on the types of grapes used in the blend.

Sparkling Rosé

Pick an alternative that still has the bubbles you’ll love with a slight pink color! Rosé is a bit drier than white wine but not as dry as red, making it the perfect in-between that all your guests will love. Some winemakers even create this by mixing red and white wine for that wonderful flavor.

Sparkling rosé is especially popular at summer weddings because it tastes refreshing; of course, it’s great at any time of year and pairs wonderfully with various foods. All your guests will love this beautiful and tasty alternative for your toast at the reception.


Straight from Spain, Cava is a delicious sparkling wine that’s perfect for your day, especially when it’s properly aged. It’s best to search for Cava that’s at least 15 to 18 months old, and higher-level Cava gets aged for at least 36 months.

This sparkling wine comes in a range of sweetness flavors, including brut, secco, and dulce. If you decide to serve a type of Cava, give all options a try at the tasting to decide which you like the most—sweet or drier flavors. Plus, Cava can have different flavors depending on the type of grapes used, ranging from a fruity-apple taste to a more floral-nutty blend.

Picking Your Bubbly Goodness

When you get married, there are various things you’ll want to splurge onand a pricy bottle of Champagne may not make your list. Truthfully, Champagne is simply a type of sparkling wine, and although it’s popular, you don’t need it to celebrate your newly formed union. Instead, choose one of these delicious and on-budget sparkling wines to start the party with all your guests.

As you search for the alternative you’ll serve, aim to try several or all these options before narrowing it down to the type. Keep an open mind and palate as you go wine tasting with your partner to seek out some bubbly goodness for your special day!

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June 17, 2022

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