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Brides Shop for European Couture Gowns Via Virtual Consultations

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As more companies begin to conduct business online, bridal gown shopping has become an activity that some brides are opting to handle virtually from the comfort of their home or office. At Couture by Tess Bridal in Tennessee, the staff has seen an increase in clients requesting virtual bridal gown consultations. Couture by Tess Bridal is the flagship store for several luxury European designers, such as Giovanna Alessandro.

Tess Mann, owner of Couture by Tess Bridal says:

In 2019, we started getting brides flying in to visit our store from other states. That came to a halt for a period of time in 2020, so we began offering virtual consultations through Facetime or Zoom. We have seen an increase in brides from all over the United States taking advantage of this service because we are one of the few stores that carry popular European labels, with an in-house alterations department for certain couture lines and five-star customer service. While most of our brides prefer our in-house champagne bridal consultations, we are happy to offer this service for those who need it, especially those who live out-of-state.

Tess and her staff have worked hard to make these virtual appointments convenient and fun for every bride that chooses this option. The budget requirements for a virtual consultation is a minimum of $2000 for their couture gown. After obtaining some preliminary information about their client’s wants and needs, the team pulls several gowns prior to each consultation to present. The store is filled with hundreds of options with prices ranging from $1,250 to $14,000.

According to Sasha Roberts, a senior bridal consultant at Couture by Tess:

We will walk the clients through the store on our virtual meetings if we have not pulled exactly what they are looking for or if they simply want us to show them more options. We are very flexible, and our goal is always to help brides find the perfect dress for their special day. This is why our store receives a five-star rating from each and every customer we serve.

Tess Mann is also a fashion designer under her store’s USA trademarked name, Couture by Tess Bridal. Her latest collection is in production, and she will be releasing it on her social media along with the fashion illustrations she drew during the design process. It is important for Mann to release her illustrations to include the public as part of the design experience and validate each gown’s uniqueness. With so many online bridal gown stores, shopping at a bridal boutique that offers original designs straight from the source, personalized face-to-face virtual or in-person wedding gown appointments at a brick-and-mortar, and true expert consultation is a rare find.

The store aims for inclusivity, offering a variety of sizes and in-house tailoring services for certain couture labels to create the perfect fit for any body type. Brides who wear a size 12 and above are 10 percent more likely to buy their wedding dresses online, according to Vogue Business. This creates a scenario where more and more women are seeking private, personal consultations with actual humans whose ultimate goal is to help them say yes to the dress. Cheers to champagne wedding gown appointments, virtual consults, and so many options for every bride!

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Tess Mann

Tess Mann opened her bridal gown business in 2013 as a wedding dress-only boutique. The store offers luxurious, hard-to-find bridal gowns from couture designers such as Giovanna Alessandro, Lana Shiy, Vladiyan Royal Dresses, Oksana Mukha, Anna Sposa, Tanya Grig, and many others. Tess started her own label under the same name as her boutique, Couture by Tess Bridal, and released her first dress samples in 2015. Her label is exclusively sold through her Couture by Tess Bridal boutique located in Cookeville, Tennessee. Virtual consultations are offered to brides from all over the United States and the world with a $2000 budget or more, and private in-person champagne bridal consultations at the brick-and-mortar location are available by appointment for anyone wanting a true bridal couture shopping experience. @couture_by_tess
August 17, 2021

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