Getting married with kids is a big change for everyone. Ensure your children and bonus kiddos feel included on the big day with these ideas for your ceremony.

Blended Families: 3 Thoughtful Ideas for Your Ceremony

Marriage is beautiful, and bringing two families together takes the relationship one step further since a wedding is about uniting two people into a single unit. Your children are a huge part of your life—they’re your entire world! Making them a part of the wedding fun adds another layer of meaning to your union. Get thoughtful ideas for your ceremony as you prepare for your blended wedding!

The Wedding Party

Your wedding party includes the people closest to you who you want support from on such a special day. Of course, no one loves you more than your children. Plus, this is a great way to remind them that while the family may change and grow, your love for them is unwavering.

The role your child plays depends on their age. While there is no rule, most couples have babies, toddlers, or young children as flower girls or ring bearers. Typically, these roles are for children 8 years old and younger; remember that babies or young toddlers may need an escort to help them get down the aisle. 

Tweens and teens, on the other hand, are best suited for the role of junior bridesmaids and groomsmen.

A Bonus Option

Pets are another key part of our family, especially for children. Our furry companions shower us in love after a long day or happily play with us for hours. There are many ways to make them pets of the wedding, and nothing’s cuter than children and fur babies. Have your beloved pet and child escort one another down aisle. With their furry friend beside them, your little one won’t feel nervous about all the attention.

Special Outfits

If you make your child or children a part of the wedding party, consider making their attire something special. For example, some brides have their daughter or future bonus daughter wear a flower girl dress that makes her look like a little princess! And if your daughter or bonus daughter is a junior bridesmaid, decide on a dress slightly different in style or color from the rest of your bridesmaids.

A Bonding Ceremony

At first glance, a ceremony within a ceremony may sound a bit odd—silly even. But many couples and blended families do a special activity to symbolize their promise to one another. Ideas for this include:

  • Adding dirt to a potted plant
  • Mixing colored sand
  • Lighting a unity candle

Sit down with your partner and children so you can decide as a family which option would be the best. Ceremonies like mixing sand or potting a plant also make for the perfect piece of décor for your home so all of you can remember you’re a unit.

Present Your Child a Gift

Making your child feel special on your wedding day is essential, and planning a wedding is a lot of work for you. They may get slightly less attention as you juggle taking care of the family, your job, and planning your wedding. But this change in focus is not permanent.

You and your partner could present your child or children with a gift as a duo or individually. For example, some fathers give their bonus daughters a bracelet to wear on the day of the ceremony.

Some couples present these at the altar in a fashion similar to exchanging rings. These thoughtful ideas for your blended ceremony show the children you promise to parent and love them for the rest of your days.

Bonus Idea: Kids and the Reception

When the party starts, you have a few choices for what to do with the kids. You could have a child-friendly wedding and allow them to join in on the celebration. But this can come with challenges and make it harder for adults to let loose. Consider the age of the children, as teenagers may be able to stay for the whole event, unlike toddlers.

So how do couples solve this? Your kids could be present for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner, but after the cake cutting, have a nanny take care of them elsewhere. Many couples block space in a local hotel for their wedding guests, and you could have the nanny care for your child or children here. If you choose this option, hire a nanny several weeks in advance.

It’s Important to Kids Too

The bottom line is that your wedding is important to all the children that will be a part of the newly blended family. This is a time for excitement and celebration, but it also marks a major change in their lives. Your kids want to be part of that! Whether you allow them to stay for the entire wedding and reception or have them leave early is up to you. What’s most important is you make your precious child feel important on your big day.

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September 29, 2022

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