December 14, 2021
What Your Bridal Stylist Wishes You Knew!

Venue Coordinator vs. Professional Wedding Planner

Wedding and event planner Reytheda Jackson clears up the most common misconceptions between the roles of a venue coordinator and professional wedding planner.
Reytheda Jackson is a ground-breaking leader in diversity and inclusion in the Dallas/Fort Worth wedding industry. In 2014, she noticed an inclusion void as it relates to minority vendors in the local wedding market and founded The Chic Network. This organization supports wedding vendors by providing them with the tools to structure their business, communicate, and support fellow vendors. This is the only organization in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that is founded by a woman of color. As a result of her passion and tireless work, this organization pushed hundreds of vendors to promote their modern businesses and revolutionized a market that is highly traditional and selective. She is also the owner and lead planner of Stohr-ee Events, an award-winning wedding planning firm based in Fort Worth, TX. It is the home of uncommon experiences, epic storytelling, and an unconventional approach to weddings. She has led her team to produce a diverse portfolio of weddings all over the world. She has also pioneered a system that allows all cultures to feel honored and represented by masterfully combining their traditions. Her philosophy is “Be Bold, Be Different. Tell Your Stohr-ee! “ As a result of that philosophy, her fusion weddings that showcase couples from India, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, the Caribbean, and Europe have been featured in The Southern Social Magazine, PartySlate, Munaluchi Bride, and Huffington Post. In 2020, she created The Chic Shoppe Co., a bespoke and curated gift box company for personal and business gift-giving. In the short time since its creation, The Chic Shoppe has shipped boxes to almost 20 different states for numerous companies and private clients.

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