Alternative Guest Book Ideas for Non-Traditional Couples

Alternative Guest Book Ideas for Non-Traditional Couples

The guest book is a small yet important detail for your reception. Everyone in attendance leaves a sweet message for you and your partner to read as you flip through the pages. However, the typical book may not be your style or may seem too bland. So spice things up with one of these alternative guest book ideas for nontraditional couples. 

Wine Corks

This is a great option, especially if you get married at a winery! Some couples shape used corks into a heart, while others have guests sign an individual cork and then place it into a shadow box. In the second option, the glass of the box typically has a monogram of the couple’s names or a photo of them to make it truly personal.

Acrylic Sign

An acrylic sign is another great option if you want a more functional guest book. You can have a painting in the center. Great ideas for this painting include your partner proposing, the place you two first met, or you and your partner kissing. At the reception, put this out with acrylic paint markers so guests can write messages and sign their names in the plain area framing the image. Once you get home, you’ll have a beautiful, sentimental piece to display.

Photo Book

Blend the guest book with some photography by setting up a polaroid station. All you need is a polaroid camera and some markers; you can add glue and colored paper if you want to take things one step further. This makes signing the guest book more fun, especially if you set up a photo booth. Guests can snap selfies and group shots with props you put out, then sign the photo with an endearing message.

Bridal Tip

You could ditch the idea of a book completely by having guests place their photos on a canvas or wooden board instead. This way, you’ll have a way to remember the big day while also having unique wall art.

Maps and Globes

If you and your partner love traveling, then a globe or map may make the perfect guest book. Take this one step further by personalizing it with your last name and anniversary date. You could also have guests mark the areas you two should add to your travel list.

Puzzle Pieces

You and your partner fit together so well, and a puzzle can symbolize this. On Etsy, you could order a custom-made one with your name and anniversary date at the center. Ideally, this should be plain wood so guests can sign all the pieces. Many couples do heart-shaped puzzles, but a tree is just as cute and symbolizes the family tree you’ll build together.

Set Up a Station

Your guest book should be somewhere easy for guests to access. Most couples place it near the reception hall entrance; it’s usually near the gift drop-off location. When you make the signing station easy to find, guests are less likely to forget about it as they party the night away. You could also buy or create a sign and label it “Guest Book,” so everyone knows exactly where to go.

Picking Your Perfect Guest Book

There are countless amazing alternative guest book ideas for nontraditional couples and settling on one can feel challenging. To ease the decision-making process, consider your personal style and what’s most practical for you. What is the theme of your wedding? Wine corks are adorable if you plan to have a rustic wedding and get married at a vineyard. On the other hand, if your theme is sweet and elegant, you may prefer an acrylic sign or puzzle pieces.

Remember That It’s Your Day

You may have difficulty deciding what to do because of the pressure of conforming to customs. While you may want to do something fun and different, you may also hope to please everyone, including those relatives who prioritize tradition. One keything to know before planning your wedding is that only two opinions truly matter: yours and your partner’s. Ditching tradition is fine, especially if it means achieving your dream day.

Decide What’s Most Practical

Think about what kind of guest book you’d use the most. For instance, would you display a photo book or tuck it away after a few months? Likewise, where would you place a globe with messages and signatures? Weighing the pros and cons of your many choices makes it easier to determine which one would best fit into your wedding.

Consider which one of your options offers the most functionality based on your lifestyle. If you want wall art for your home and fun photos of guests, a photo board is your ideal option. Get creative and decide on a guest book that reflects you and your partner!

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