Airbrush vs. Traditional Makeup: What To Use for Weddings

Airbrush vs. Traditional Makeup: What To Use for Weddings

When researching beauty vendors for your wedding day, you will find that airbrush makeup is often a desirable choice for multiple reasons. One of the most common reasons that airbrush makeup is favored by brides is that it’s something not everyone can do at home, so it elevates the beauty experience. This beauty method feels more luxurious than your daily beauty routine.

As a professional makeup artist who specializes in weddings, I like to help clients choose between airbrush or traditional makeup because I offer both. Here are some tips to help you decide between these two beauty approaches on your special day.

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Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is sprayed on with a machine that contains a compressor and an airbrush gun. There are typically two types of formulas available for airbrush makeup: water-based and silicon-based. The wonderful features of airbrush makeup are that it’s lightweight, long-lasting, and flawless with minimal product.

The Disadvantages of Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is applied in thin layers with the expertise of a professionally trained makeup artist. There are, however, a few cons to airbrush makeup. Anyone who has dark facial hair or deeply lined skin might not be the best fit for an airbrush application. Like traditional makeup, the results are also always subject to the skills of the makeup artist, the technique, and the products used.

The Advantages of Airbrush Makeup

Another advantage is that airbrush makeup looks so good in photos and HD photography and videography. Airbrush makeup was created to suit film work. In addition, airbrush makeup does not feel heavy on the skin. Many of my clients who choose airbrush makeup say, “I don’t feel like I’m wearing makeup,” and they look like they have beautiful naked skin.

Traditional Makeup

We have all seen the style of makeup favored by influencers in which the face is mapped out with two concealers, foundation, highlighter, and bronzer contour. And if that’s your jam, cool! No judgment here! However, when you use multiple layers of products, you will get a different effect that provides fuller coverage. And with multiple layers, you run the risk of more product movement and “cake face” (thick-looking skin).

Now, I’m not saying that traditional makeup isn’t suitable because it all depends on the skill of the makeup artist and the way they use this technique to achieve the best results. I also love doing traditional makeup for many people. However, I do think that there are plenty of advantages to using airbrush makeup for a bridal makeup style.

In my opinion, a makeup artist that has the aesthetic, experience, and professional kit you desire can offer the options of either airbrush makeup or traditional makeup to customize your results. As such, finding a makeup artist who can help you achieve your ideal wedding day look is of the utmost importance.

Airbrush artists sometimes charge a premium for this service, as the equipment can be costly and more time-consuming to maintain. Plus, applying this style of makeup with skill requires special training. My advice is to set your wedding day beauty up for success by doing your own research and finding a qualified artist who listens to you and makes you feel at ease. With their guidance and expertise, achieving your wedding day goals should be a piece of cake.

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