A Quick List of Ways To Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

A Quick List of Ways To Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

If you’re a pet parent, chances are you can’t imagine your big day without a few nods to your fur baby. While some love the idea of making their pet an honorary ring bearer or flower girl, some venues don’t allow pets, so you’ll need a variety of options. We’ve organized a quick list of ways to include your pet in your wedding to give you great ideas to make your four-legged companion part of your special day.

Reasons To Include Your Pet

Your beloved pet plays a major role in your life, so making them a part of your wedding day is only natural. Including your pet also adds a unique and adorable detail to your special day. Weddings are about creating a union, and your fur baby is a part of your family.

If you plan to make your pet a part of the wedding, this also makes for the cutest pictures. What beats a dog in a bow tie or canine dress? Our pets love us unconditionally, and many of us can’t imagine saying “I do” without our loyal companions at our sides.

Including Your Pet in the Wedding Party

Bringing your pet to your wedding is a big deal to you. While it allows you to have a guest of honor—someone who’s supported you through it all—it’s also special to your pet. Some venues will allow you to bring your pet along for the celebration, especially if you have a common household animal like a cat or dog. Talk to the venue manager about these rules before moving forward.

Here are some fun ways to make your furry friend a part of the wedding:

  • Flower pet: Train them to carry a basket of flowers.
  • Ring bearer: Attach the rings to their collar.
  • Bridal escort: Have your pet accompany you down the aisle.
  • Support at the alter: Have your pet wait for you at the end of the alter.

Keep in mind that training your pet is vital to a perfect ceremony for everyone. For example, an overexcited pup may want to greet all the guests when they should be escorting you. You may need to sign your pet up for obedience school to ensure they’re well-behaved.

Keeping Your Pet Safe

Typically, the pet included in a wedding is a dog, and there are several tips to keep your canine happy at your wedding. Seeing a large crowd could overwhelm your pet. Likewise, if you don’t pay attention, your pet could get into something they shouldn’t. Bring your pet to the venue, help them get used to crowds, and hire a pet sitter to keep everyone comfortable.

Subtle Nods to Your Pet

Our quick list of ways to include your pet in your wedding doesn’t end with ways to bring your pet since some venues don’t allow animals. If you run into this, here are a few ways that you can still include your four-legged friend:

  • Pet figurines: Get a figure of your pet to add as a cake topper.
  • Signature drink or dessert: Offer a drink or dessert named after your pet.
  • Adorable photos: Put up pictures of your pet around centerpieces or on venue signs.
  • Donate to a shelter: Ask guests to donate to an animal shelter rather than give you a gift.

Your only limit here is your creativity. Some couples have cookies shaped like their pets, while others have monogrammed handkerchiefs with their furry friends stitched on. Think of what would best fit into your wedding style and go with that option so those nods to your pet never feel forced.

Furry Thank You Gifts

Not sure how to add décor centered around your pet? Don’t worry! Many couples display their love for their furry companions on the thank you gift to guests. You can have adorable doggy bags with your pup monogrammed on the front or a photo of your pet attached to a thank you tag.

You give recognition to your pet whether you bring your pet to the wedding or have them there symbolically. No matter where you get married, your furry friend can be a part of the celebration and shower you with unconditional love.

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May 31, 2022

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