9 Simple Ideas for Your Event’s Brunch Buffet

9 Simple Ideas for Your Event’s Brunch Buffet

There are many meals to celebrate, and some people argue that the most fun meal of the bunch is brunch! It has a playful ambiance and leaves people walking away with enthusiasm for what’s next. However, with today’s diet trends, you can’t be sure that everyone will want to eat the same dishes. But just because diets can be complicated doesn’t mean your catering experience has to be.

You can serve single bites, action stations, or full-on entrees at a brunch buffet. Brunch weddings and bridal shower brunches are becoming increasingly popular, and you should consider this style of meal as an option. Below, we’ve conjured up a diverse brunch menu that will impress guests while leaving them ultra-satisfied. These types of recipes are meant to feed a crowd, so be sure to double-check your guest list!

9 Simple Ideas for Your Event’s Brunch Buffet


Quiche is an obvious fan favorite. Consider offering multiple versions of various mixes to ensure everyone is included. Tofu, non-dairy cheeses, and meat-substitute options mean you can make your quiche menu a large one.


Invite your guests to create their own oatmeal bowls. Offer up oatmeal toppers such as mixed nuts, honey, cinnamon, and fresh fruits, and allow each guest to make a bowl that feeds their soul.

Sweet Potato Kabobs

Sweet potatoes are acceptable for almost any diet trend, which is why you should consider setting up a sweet potato kabob station. Offer topping options such as honey, vegan honey, brown sugar, and cinnamon to finish the dish with pizzazz.


A breakfast burrito bar offers endless options to your guests. Chorizo, veggie sausage, eggs, tofu, dairy cheese, and non-dairy ingredients are just a few filling options. You can then top everything off with fresh salsa or pico de gallo. No one will be able to turn this dish down.

9 Simple Ideas for Your Event’s Brunch Buffet


A pancake bar will go far! Set out stacks of pancakes made with various flour options and supply a multitude of topping options, including freshly sliced fruit and drizzles like chocolate sauce and syrup. This choice will be a real-life dream bar for all brunch lovers.

Parfait Cups

Perfection in a parfait! Serve Greek, dairy, or non-dairy yogurt cups, and let your brunchers top their snack off with granola, honey, agave, nuts, and fruit for a picture-perfect parfait.

Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and waffles are an absolute must for a fun brunch. If your buffet already has a varied spread, you can also offer mini versions of this dish. Regardless of size, chicken and waffles are always sure to draw a big crowd.

9 Simple Ideas for Your Event’s Brunch Buffet

Mixed Fruit Mimosas

A make-your-own mimosa bar will never run dry. Set up champagne and juices with mixed fruit skewers for a sangria-style mimosa bar. Fruity fun for everyone! 

Bloody Mary Bar

A Bloody Mary is a must for brunch! Finish off your Bloody Mary bar with a “grab your green” spread, complete with fresh celery, olives, or pickles. Think of it as a veggie snack with a kick!

Brunch has always been a fan favorite, and it’s the perfect way to finish off a beautiful bridal shower, engagement party, or wedding. When selecting your menu, try to consider the varied diets of everyone on your guest list. This way, everyone will be able to find something delicious to snack on, and they will all leave happy and satisfied. Happy brunching!

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