7 DIY Ideas for Your Romantic Outdoor Wedding

7 DIY Ideas for Your Romantic Outdoor Wedding

What could be more romantic than marrying at the golden hour on a beautiful summer day? Decorating your venue is fun, and you can do all sorts of things yourself to add your twist to the scene. Add unique bits of your style into the venue with these DIY ideas for your romantic outdoor wedding!

The Ceremony Arch

The ceremony arch is one of the most important pieces of décor at the wedding—it’ll frame you and your partner as you recite your vows. While you can purchase an arch, it’s more fun to add some personalization to it.

As far as summer weddings go, some of the best ways to DIY this item are by taking an iron or wooden arch and adding silks or flowers to its frame. Some couples go for a minimalist look and only add flowers in the corner(s) while the silks swoop to the side to create an elegant frame. Other couples prefer a lot of flowers to create a dreamy arch.

Personal Wedding Signs

Why pay someone to personalize a sign for you when you could do it yourself? This DIY idea is fun and perfect for your romantic outdoor wedding. You can create signs to direct guests around the venue for the ceremony, reception, and other activities. Or you could make one to welcome them and paint your and your partner’s names on the front, plus your favorite romantic quote. Items like this are the perfect décor for weddings, and you can keep them to decorate your home.

Lantern Centerpieces

If the reception is also outside, you’ll need plenty of light so that your guests can see. Go to the store or shop online for a lantern; you can buy various shapes and sizes or keep everything uniform, depending on your vision. Once you have your lanterns of choice, purchase battery-powered fairy lights to place inside to add a bit of light to the table. To make this decoration look extra romantic, add a few artificial flowers to the inside for some careful pops of color.

Fans for Your Guests

It’s no secret that the summer heat can get intense, and some of us don’t do great under the hot sun. Transform your wedding program into a fan so guests can focus on your beautiful ceremony without feeling overheated. You can choose from all sorts of shapes for the paper program, then attach it to a crafting stick—add a ribbon for a bit of accessorizing.

Unique Backdrops

You could also create a backdrop for wedding photos and a photo booth for guests. There are a few ways to go about this, depending on your venue. If there’s a lot of foliage and trees with low-hanging branches, thread artificial flowers on a string to drape them.

Photo Display

Hang photos of you and your partner, close relatives, friends, and loved ones who have passed on. When it comes to outdoor weddings, some couples do this by stringing Polaroid-style photos off a tree, or barn-centric weddings use clothing clips to hang the pictures on some chicken wire. Your only limit is your imagination, and a wonderful photo display is a perfect way to showcase the journey you’ve taken so far.

Beautiful Candles

This one lets you go all out with the DIY activities because you can make your own candles compete with wax color, scent, and holder. Plus, this is an easy way to stay on budget if you want to have a lot of candles at your wedding. Buy wax, essential oil, and wicks at the craft store, then check out thrift shops for the perfect candle holders. It’s time to get crafty and create some beautiful décor for your special day!

Why Brides DIY

Doing some of the decorations yourself allows you to put your own spin on things. And you may be unable to find all the decorations you’d hope for in the store or online to bring your vision to life. Plus, DIYing is a great way to avoid common wedding budget mistakes since you have to buy the pieces and do the work yourself. Transform your outdoor venue into the ideal romantic space by doing some of these DIY activities.

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June 29, 2022

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