6 Inexpensive Ways To Impress Your Guests During Your Wedding Weekend

6 Inexpensive Ways To Impress Your Guests During Your Wedding Weekend

When planning your wedding, you may be tempted to stick to traditions. While including some traditions at your wedding may be important to you and your partner, you can add some flair to your wedding to help your day stand out from the others. You would be surprised how a few personalized touches can help create a whole new experience.

You want your wedding weekend to have an extra wow factor—no matter the budget. Create a lasting impression that your guests will never forget. Here are six inexpensive ways to wow your guests during your wedding weekend to help tailor your wedding to your style and personality.

Add Flair to Your Chairs

When planning a wedding, you may pay more attention to your overall wedding and reception decoration, but what about your chairs? Don’t keep your chairs bleak compared to the rest of your decorations. You can add detail to your table setting by creating statement chairs.

Your chairs don’t have to be expensive to be eye-catching. You can transform your chairs from basic to luxurious by adding floral arrangements, colorful ribbons, or greenery to their backs. This will add color to the table and keep your decorations cohesive. Your guests will appreciate your attention to detail.

Go Out With a Bang

When it’s time to say goodbye to your guests, wouldn’t it be beautiful to walk out to a celebratory fireworks display? If you have the extra money in the budget, you should consider fireworks. They’re just as amazing as sparklers, but fireworks create a wow factor like no other. A fireworks show will create a more memorable experience for you and your guests.

You can never go wrong with fireworks—guests of all ages will love them, from younger children to adults. Fireworks shows are also a great opportunity to create stunning photos. Capturing the colors and light in the background while also capturing happiness from your guests is worth it.

The best thing about fireworks is that you can easily customize them to add a unique flair to your wedding. For example, you can request only to show the colors of your wedding theme or sync the show to one of your favorite songs.

Leave Time for Leisure

Your wedding weekend might feel like a never-ending weekend of scheduled events. Although wedding weekends are typically jam-packed with things to do, you should find the perfect balance between scheduled events and leisure time. You and your guests should breeze through the weekend without stress or panic.

You should “schedule” more relaxing and open activities. For example, instead of having a large rehearsal dinner, you can have a cocktail hour at a hotel lobby or have a small get-together at your house or Airbnb. This way, it won’t feel as formal, but you still leave the opportunity to make memories with the ones you love.

Tip: If you have cocktail hour instead of a rehearsal dinner, buy the first two rounds of your guests’ drinks as a token of appreciation.

Spoil Your Guests With Treats

Throughout your wedding weekend, you and your guests will have the opportunity to taste delicious foods. Spoil your guests with a wide variety of tasty treats. Treat them to a mouthwatering brunch filled with old favorites and new flavors. Or, if you have an event that runs later than expected, treat your wedding guests with late-night bites like pizza, burgers, or other savory favorites.

If you and your partner are foodies, this is the perfect time to showcase your favorite foods. Spoil your guests with bold new flavors they can rave about for months after your wedding. Bring your guests together with food.

Create Memories With a Photo Booth

When some people think of photo booths, they think of their childhoods—of taking pictures with their best friends and making funny faces, creating tangible memories. Allow your guests to create tangible memories by having a photo booth at your wedding reception. Your guests can look at these pictures and remember how much fun they had.

Have a Unique Version of a “Guest Book”

An inexpensive way to wow your guests during your wedding weekend is by having a unique guest book. Think outside the box to find the perfect “guest book” that fits your theme or personality. If you’re having a beach wedding or love going to the beach, your guest book could be a surfboard. If you and your partner love wine, your guests can sign a decorative wine bottle. This will take your guests by surprise and may be the talk of the reception.

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October 10, 2022

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