6 Genius & Easy Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Flowers

6 Genius & Easy Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Flowers

When it comes to wedding décor, flowers are one of the most eye-catching and visually stunning pieces of your event’s overall aesthetic. They represent your personality and style and are so often a fundamental aspect of any traditional wedding celebration. With that generally comes a pretty hefty price tag.

Flowers can be expensive, and so many couples are on tighter budgets these days. Because of that, finding ways to reuse flowers during and after the wedding is a smart way to make sure you get the most value out of your investment. Luckily, there are many options when it comes to reusing flowers.

Here are a few easy ways to make those beautiful blooms work overtime for you and even last longer than just the wedding day.

Aisle Décor

Aisle décor is usually made up of smaller flower arrangements that line the aisle during the ceremony. Since ceremonies are generally short, under 30 minutes in most cases, you can use aisle décor afterward on cocktail tables or the sweetheart table. If you have extra loose flower petals, you can sprinkle them around the cake table.

6 Genius & Easy Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Flowers
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Reusing the bridesmaid bouquets is one of the easiest ways to add more florals to your reception tables. Your florist may provide vases for you, or you may need to purchase a few ahead of time. Once the ceremony ends and you finish taking photos, you can place the bouquets in the vases and use them at the head table, dessert table, or bar.

6 Genius & Easy Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Flowers
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Arch/Ceremony Flowers

Large flower arrangements, including flowers tied to your ceremony arch or arbor or set on wine barrels or pedestals, can be used on your head table or sweetheart table. Depending on the flowers’ sizes, you can place them in the center of the table as a table runner, on the floor in front of the table, or off to the side. Often, you can disassemble very large pieces into smaller arrangements, giving you the option to use them in a variety of locations.

6 Genius & Easy Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Flowers
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Give Centerpieces to Your Guests

If you don’t plan to use your centerpieces after the wedding, ensure they don’t go to waste by giving them away to your guests at the end of the night. Let your guests know they are free to take the centerpieces or have the DJ make an announcement during the reception. Gather all the flowers and put them in an area close to the exit to make it easy for guests to grab one as they leave.

6 Genius & Easy Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Flowers
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Enjoy Them Longer at a Post-Wedding Brunch

Take some of your flowers to your post-wedding brunch. Using them as centerpieces at a restaurant or other location after the wedding is cost-effective and ensures you get to enjoy them even longer. Flowers can really enhance the atmosphere of your brunch, and your guests will enjoy them for another day too! If you want, you can gift the flowers to your guests after the brunch.

6 Genius & Easy Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Flowers
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Give Them a New Home

Donating flowers after the wedding is another great way to reuse them. Offer to donate centerpieces or other flower arrangements to a hospital, nursing home, women’s shelter, or hospice. What better way to boost someone’s mood than to give them beautiful flowers to brighten up their space and their day? The recipients of your wedding flowers are sure to appreciate this beautiful gift.

6 Genius & Easy Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Flowers
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