6 Easy Natural Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

6 Easy Natural Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

Every bride wants to look perfect on their wedding day, which means finding the right dress, styling their hair, and wearing the right makeup. Many brides-to-be do a few trial runs with their beauty team to get a better idea of what they do and don’t like. Keep reading this article if you want to achieve a naturally gorgeous look with makeup. We’ve got six easy natural makeup tips every bride should know to look beautiful on their big day!

Tip 1: Get That Glow

Glowing skin looks more nourished, and you can get this look without applying too much makeup. First, establish a skin care routine several months before your wedding to use moisturizers and exfoliants so your skin is healthy. Why? Because makeup applies best to hydrated, smooth skin, which also helps make your skin look naturally radiant.

You’ll want to use an illuminating primer, light foundation, and a liquid highlighter on the big day. Using a liquid highlighter instead of powder is important because it adds shine rather than sparkle—the shine gives you a natural glow.

Tip 2: Use Soft Pinks

The shade of pink you use depends on your skin tone, but sticking to nudes, paler pinks, or even subtle shades of coral help add to the natural look. You’ll want to use these shades for your lip color and blush; sometimes, this also works for eye makeup.

Bridal Tip

If you don’t know which shades of pink work best on your skin, talk to your makeup artist. Together, you can test out a few different shades to see which appears the most natural.

Tip 3: Use the Right Eye Makeup

You’ve got a few options when it comes to your eyes and emphasizing your natural beauty. One way to make your eye makeup look naturalis to begin by adding primer and then a shade of soft brown eyeshadow. Sometimes, this can include pink, orange, or even green undertones, and the best option varies depending on skin color and undertones. You’ll also want to use brown eyeliner rather than black to shape your eyes.

Bridal Tip

Many brides add a set of fake lashes to complete the look, and you can do this without making your makeup appear dramatic. Search for false eyelashes that will make yours appear fuller and add a bit of length.

Tip 4: Define Key Features

Another easy natural makeup tip every bride should know is to properly contour to draw attention to your natural facial structure. A bit of contour goes a long way and can help highlight your key facial features. Like highlight, most makeup artists recommend using a cream or liquid because it appears more subtle. Additionally, ensure you use the appropriate shade—your contour should be two shades darker than your foundation. If it’s too dark, your makeup appears more dramatic and noticeable.

Tip 5: Don’t Overdo Eyebrows

Some of us have a habit of filling in our brows, and if you have thinner eyebrows, you may want them to appear thicker. You can make it look natural by selecting the appropriate shade and lightly “flicking” the pencil on. You want each stroke of the pencil to create lines that look like eyebrows. Once you finish, outline the edges with a bit of concealer.

Tip 6: Set Your Makeup

Many makeup artists and beauty lovers recommend setting your makeup once you finish; this is especially important on your wedding day. Apply a spritz or two of a setting spray to keep all your makeup looking perfect. Anything from sweat to a few happy tears can lead to runny makeup, and this is a day where most want to look flawless throughout the entire celebration.

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June 6, 2022

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