5 Wedding Photography Trends & Why You Should Avoid Them

5 Wedding Photography Trends & Why You Should Avoid Them

Most couples choose to hire a photographer to capture moments of their special day. Between the whirlwind of emotions and celebrations, it’s hard to take everything in and catch mental photographs of your wedding. A photographer will take posed photos and candid shots of the celebration, which you can later print and frame or put in a wedding album so you can look back on all the wonderful moments whenever you want to reminisce.

Every couple wants their pictures to turn out perfectly, but following what’s considered popular may not get you there. That’s why we’re here to discuss a few wedding photography trends and why you should avoid them.

5 Wedding Photography Trends & Why You Should Avoid Them

Food Photography

We’re not talking about the cake cutting here. Food photography means photos of only the buffet, dessert table, or cake. Some couples even ask their photographers to take pictures of the guests during dinner because they want to capture every wedding moment. While this may sound like a great idea, you’re more likely to exclude these pictures from your wedding album as you order prints.

Why You Should Avoid It

Taking amazing photos of food requires precise lighting to ensure the food looks as delicious in pictures as it does in person. Also, photographing guests during dinner doesn’t always lead to the most flattering photos for your wedding album. Not to mention, having a photographer looming over people as they eat can distract guests and hinder their enjoyment of the meal.

5 Wedding Photography Trends & Why You Should Avoid Them

Phone Photography

Every year, new cell phones come out with better cameras for taking crisp photos, and many use their smartphones to capture selfies, posed shots, or candid shots of everyday life. However, your wedding isn’t the time for this, especially if you hire a professional to take pictures.

Your photographer will have the skills and experience necessary to capture all of your precious moments flawlessly. Guests can always take their own photos as they mingle at cocktail hour or during the reception and send them to you.

Why You Should Avoid It

Phone photography may become problematic for a few reasons. If guests try capturing photos during the ceremony, they may obstruct views or become a distraction. Worse yet, a guest could block your hired photographer and prevent them from capturing top-quality images.

Additionally, professionals use cameras that are superior to smartphones. Even the most up-to-date phone cameras cannot match the high-quality images from professional cameras, especially when it comes to low-light photography.

Everyday Bride Tip

Understandably, guests will want to take pictures, but they shouldn’t get in the way of your photographer. Before the ceremony, make an announcement requesting that guests hold off on taking photos until you give them the okay.

5 Wedding Photography Trends & Why You Should Avoid Them

Drone Photography

In the last few years, drone photography has become more popular since it allows you to see aerial views of the venue, ceremony, and reception. These pictures give you a bird’s eye view of the scene, so you feel like an outsider looking in. But do you really want photos of the tops of everyone’s heads? This trend may sound better in theory than it looks in reality.

Why You Should Avoid It

Throughout your wedding day, the photographer will take hundreds of photos and you’ll have to sort through them to decide which ones you want. Since drone photos are further away, seeing details or facial expressions is more difficult; as a result, the pictures may feel less personal. Rather than spending on a drone, consider hiring a videographer to record sections of the big day.

5 Wedding Photography Trends & Why You Should Avoid Them

Soft-Focus Photography

A soft-focus photo is difficult to capture since it depends on the main subject. A close-up where you and your partner appear crisp while the background is blurred can look beautiful. However, within this trend, some people end up with photos of the individuals appearing blurry while the rest of the picture is clear. It’s the latter option you’ll want to avoid.

Why You Should Avoid It

As with many trends, soft-focus pictures may sound like a great idea. In your imagination, the prints will look like something out of a fairytale. But the reality is that soft-focus photos can sometimes look more like a blur caused by camera shake or trouble focusing the lens. This means you’re less likely to look at those photos with adoration than if they were clear shots.

5 Wedding Photography Trends & Why You Should Avoid Them

Overly Edited Photography

The final wedding photography trend you should avoid comes during the postproduction process—too many filters. A bit of color touch-up or lighting alteration is great since these options help enhance your photos. Similarly, a few filtered photos add some flair to your wedding album. For example, monochromatic or sepia filters can help create a vintage look, especially if the photographer blurs the photo’s edges. But you don’t want to go overboard with filters or editing.

Why You Should Avoid It

Most of us use filters when we post pictures on social media because they create a flawless look. However, the overuse of specific retouching options, such as skin smoothing, can make photos look unnatural. Weddings are about unconditional love, which means adoring everything about each other.

Keep your big day looking realistic. A professional photographer will know how to use filters and editing tools in moderation, ensuring that your photos still look like yours while enhancing their quality.

Photography Options To Try Instead

Following photo trends can be fun, but it doesn’t always yield the best results. Remember, making time for visiting with loved ones and living in the moment are among the most important things to know before planning your big day. Soaking up that bliss can be challenging if you put too much focus on following trends.

Pictures allow you to reflect on what you lived through as you and your partner remember your big day. Therefore, you’ll want photos that accurately capture the emotions and essence of your wedding.

Request Candid Shots

You should pose for some of your photos, but not every picture your photographer takes needs to be set up. Planning every photograph leaves you with results that look a little stiff. While your wedding is a major event and you want to memorialize it, you should still be able to soak up every moment of your day.

Ask your photographer for some planned shots, but allow time for candid shots as well. The photographer can take pictures of you laughing with your wedding party as you get ready and catch that look of awe on your partner’s face when you walk down the aisle.

Ensure your photographer gets photos of other key moments, such as:

  • The first dance
  • The cake cutting
  • Any speeches

Moreover, during the reception, you’ll likely want photos of the wedding party entering the area, as well as your grand entrance with your spouse. And of course, you’ll want plenty of pictures of everyone dancing the night away after dinner.

Use Wide-Angle Lenses

If you want a group shot that includes a lot of people, ask if your photographer can use a wide-angle lens. Like drone photography, this lets you get shots of all your guests, but you’ll be able to see everyone’s joyous expressions with this technique.

Find Soft Lighting

Photos with soft or dim light often appear romantic and sweet. If possible, plan to take photos during the golden hour, which is one hour before sunset. At this time, the sky usually has more orange and yellow hues and the lighting is dimmer, which helps cultivate a romantic atmosphere.

You can also take indoor photos with dimmer lighting or candlelight for a beautiful and romantic touch. Walk through the venue with your photographer sometime before the wedding so they can select the best spots for pictures with soft lighting.

Hire a Videographer

There are numerous reasons to hire a videographer for your wedding in addition to a photographer. With video footage, you’ll see more than various snapshots can provide since the video can capture minutes or hours worth of events that take place during your big day. A videographer can record some of the speeches, your first dance, or any other desired moments you’ll want to replay down the road.

As you search for this professional, consider companies that have teams of videographers and photographers. Hiring a crew rather than separate individuals makes it easier for the experts to work together since they’ll already understand each other’s process.

5 Wedding Photography Trends & Why You Should Avoid Them

A Closing Note

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and capturing all the special moments is important. Hiring a professional photographer will ensure you and your partner have high-quality photos to look back on for years. Photo trends come and go, but your love is forever, so only take photos you’ll enjoy looking at for a lifetime.

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