5 Ways To Save Money on Wedding Photography

5 Ways To Save Money on Wedding Photography

Any couple who has planned a wedding knows that navigating a wedding budget is no simple task. As such, staying under budget is much easier said than done. Between paying for a venue, hiring a DJ, and investing in an assortment of catering and dessert items, wedding costs accumulate fast.

In an attempt to control their budget, many couples decide to splurge more on certain vendors than others. For example, a bride may spend less on her dress to invest more in the reception DJ. While this budgeting tactic can be helpful, some vendors require top quality regardless of price. One of the most common vendors that couples struggle to budget for is a wedding photographer.

Your photographer is responsible for capturing moments from your wedding that you’ll look back on for the rest of your life. Having a communicative, talented, and creative photographer can make a significant difference in how you enjoy your special day. However, photographers can also take up a major slice of your budget.

So how do you keep your budget under control without compromising the memories from your wedding day? In this blog, we’ll share five ways to save money on wedding photography. Keep reading to learn more.

Keep Location in Mind

When you hire a photographer, it’s essential to browse for professionals near the location of your wedding. If you hire a photographer who lives out of state or has a destination wedding location, you’ll be responsible for covering their transportation fees.

Paying for transportation and boarding overnight can be both an inconvenience and a significant source of spending. Narrow down your budget for your photographer by browsing for local professionals instead.

Book Sooner Rather Than Later

Deciding on the perfect photographer for your wedding can be overwhelming; however, don’t make the typical mistake of not booking a photographer early. The longer you wait to hire a professional photographer for your wedding, the more expensive their services will be. In fact, many photographers offer discounts for couples that book a year early for their wedding date.

Don’t let indecisiveness eat into your savings. Instead, find a photographer and book their services as soon as possible.

Compare Prices

You must balance finding a photographer in a timely manner with finding one who is also high quality. Gather a selection of various photographers and compare prices. Doing this can save you money in the long run. Lots of professional studios have similar price and package ranges, but with so many different freelance and new photography businesses open, there are plenty of affordable options to choose from.

Start by asking married friends and family members about the photographers they used. Speaking with your venue managers so they can guide you to affordable professionals. While it’s unwise to shop around forever, remember that thoroughly investigating your photographer could be the key to keeping your budget controlled.

Ask About Discounts

When you’re saving for a wedding, every dollar counts. So don’t be afraid to save money on your wedding photography by asking your photographer about possible discounts. Depending on the studio or professional you work with, there are almost always discounts available for brides and grooms. For example, many photographers offer a reduced rate if your wedding date isn’t during a prime wedding season.

Regardless of how big or small your photography discounts may be, these savings will ultimately make a big difference to your budget.

Avoid Unnecessary Services

One of the easiest ways to save money on wedding photography is to avoid unnecessary services and packages. For example, photographers often offer to create a wedding album for couples. However, these albums can make a significant cost included in the overall payment for a photographer.

Rather than spending money on these services, we recommend doing it yourself! Build your wedding album with your partner. Not only will this project do be a fun reminder of your special day, but it’ll also save you from major spending.

It’s never easy to stay on budget, but it’s not impossible. Keeping these tips for saving money on wedding photography in mind as you navigate your spending and plan for your wedding day.

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December 8, 2021

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