5 Unique Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Keepsakes

Most of us would agree that weddings are among life’s most important moments. On a special day like this, many of us like keeping a physical token to remember the event. While many brides opt to preserve their dresses, that’s not the only wedding essential you can treasure forever. Consider five unique ways to preserve your wedding keepsakes so you can keep these items for a lifetime.

Turn Pieces Into Home Decor

Specific pieces from your wedding, such as the unity candle or your cake topper, can make for beautiful decor in your home. If you ordered custom figurines for the top of your cake, for example, you could place the small statues on a shelf or end table at home.

Similarly, if you lit a unity candle or poured colored sand with your partner, you have a sentimental piece that symbolizes your love. Consider keeping that unity candle or jar of sand displayed on a shelf so you and your partner can admire it every day.

Frame Your Vows

If you and your partner wrote your own vows, they likely hold a deeper meaning than if you exchanged traditional ones. To memorialize your vows, you could order a canvas print of each set for some original, heartfelt home decor. To add to the sentiment, include a wedding photo on each canvas print.

Show Off Your Guest Book

The guest book is a cherished item where loved ones can leave heartfelt remarks and note their presence on your special day. To make this keepsake extra special, select an alternative guest book idea, such as an acrylic sign or photo book, you can leave on display in your home. Your guest book may be especially meaningful if guests write special messages for you and your partner.

Create a Wedding Scrap Book

Scrapbooking is another unique way to preserve your wedding keepsakes. What you place in the book is up to you, whether it’s the invitation, your program, photos of the big day, or petals from your bouquet. Once it’s complete, you can keep the book on a coffee table or other easy-to-access spot so you can flip through it anytime you feel like reminiscing.

Everyday Bride Tip

Use acid-free paper to protect items like dried flowers, ribbons, and other fragile items.

Display a Shadow Box

A shadow box is a perfect way to show off part of your bouquet, the boutonniere, your invitation, and other small wedding items you choose to keep. Organize these items inside the shadow box, then put it on a front table or hang it on a wall in your home so you can look at your mementos whenever you desire.

When filling the shadow box, don’t forget to include a cherished photo of you and your partner on your special day, along with a family portrait. These additions will infuse your wedding keepsake with familial love.

Bonus Option: Record the Day

Although a video of the wedding isn’t the same as the other keepsakes we’ve mentioned, it still gives you a great way to relive your big day. Many couples hire a videographer alongside their photographer to capture special events of the day, including behind-the-scenes moments with the wedding party and guests. For a special touch, ask the videographer to include your first dance song as the background music to the video when they edit it. 

Everyday Bride Tip

Share the video with family and friends who couldn’t attend the wedding; this allows them a chance to experience your special day.

A Closing Note

Your wedding is one of the most special events in your life. The items you choose to save from your wedding will remind you and your partner of your commitment to each other and bring back the cherished feelings you experienced whenever you see them. Preserve the memories and moments that made up your beautiful day by treasuring your keepsakes.

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November 6, 2023

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