5 Staycation Honeymoon Ideas When You Can't Travel

5 Staycation Honeymoon Ideas When You Can’t Travel

Most couples want to visit a tropical destination or see a breathtaking new country on their honeymoon. However, since more and more couples chose to stay closer to homes for their honeymoons during the pandemic, planning a dream getaway has become much more challenging.

Not only are many couples on a limited budget, but travel restrictions also make the prospect of getting away for a honeymoon more complicated.

Don’t be discouraged, though. There are many unique and exciting ways to celebrate the first few weeks of your marriage at home. Here are our top five staycation honeymoon ideas when you can’t travel.

For the Adventurous Couple: Visit National Parks

If you had your sights set on spending your honeymoon climbing, hiking, and touring beautiful spots around the world, consider taking a tour of some of the National Parks near your home! Not only does the US have plenty of gorgeous and captivating National Parks to enjoy, but these sites also have plenty of trails and activities to fulfill your adventurous spirit.

Sure, you may not see a new country, but you can see some of your home country’s oldest and most impressive landmarks with the love of your life.

For the Calm Couple: Rent a Honeymoon Hub

Honeymoons are an essential tradition because they allow couples to sit back, relax, and enjoy the first few weeks of marriage together. For couples that dream about relaxing and recharging their social batteries post-wedding planning, renting an Airbnb or hotel is an ideal staycation option.

Save the money you would spend traveling and book a glamorous and luxurious place to stay. Whether you pick a cozy beach house or romantic cottage, your honeymoon will still feel like a memorable getaway.

For the Romantic Couple: Plan Daily Dates

Where you are or what you’re doing doesn’t matter when you’re head-over-heels in love. Couples who prioritize time together over travel should consider planning daily dates to fall even more in love. Plan a week’s worth of dates, alternating who will choose how to spend each day.

Try visiting an art museum, going out to fancy dinner restaurants, or camping. The more personalized your dates are, the more romantic your honeymoon will be.

For the Cozy Couple: Visit the Spa

A relaxing afternoon at the spa can transport your mind to a tropical beach within seconds. If you’re missing out on playing outside and soaking up some relaxing sunshine, visiting the spa is a great alternative. Couples’ spa days can feature a variety of services, including facials, massages, cupping, manicures, pedicures, and more. Spend a day with the love of your life, pampering yourself and enjoying time together.

For the Active Couple: Invest in Your Next Trip

Maybe the time isn’t right for a grand getaway, but why not save up for a later date? Consider starting a project or saving after your wedding rather than staying home through your honeymoon. Keep your vacation days and instead create a fund dedicated to an epic trip with your partner in the future.

The more you save for your future fund, the more adventurous your delayed honeymoon can be.

These are just a handful of staycation honeymoon ideas when you can’t travel. If you’re stuck at home and don’t know how to spend the first few weeks of marriage with your partner, consider looking over this list to find an activity or goal to look forward to.

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January 25, 2022

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