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5 Simple Flower Ideas for a Backyard Wedding

Flowers make a significant impact on how a wedding feels. They set the tone for the ceremony and help beautify any space to make it magical. The floral arrangements you choose will make a significant impact on your big day by setting the tone for the ceremony. Check out these five simple flower ideas for a backyard wedding you’ll never forget.

Use Water-Sourced Bouquets

When you plan an outdoor wedding, it is critical to prepare for all weather possibilities—including perfect sunny and warm weather. Though most people who have outdoor weddings will rejoice when they wake up to a beautiful day that is 80 degrees and sunny, this weather can still affect your plans.

Hot weather can wilt your bouquets if you leave them in the heat all day. The bouquets can take a beating between pre-wedding activities, photoshoots with the bridesmaids, the actual ceremony, and party pictures during the reception. To keep your flowers fresh and perky all day long, invest in water-sourced holders for your bouquets that will give the flowers a refreshing drink in the heat.

Create Lighting With Floral Lanterns

Another way to incorporate flowers in a simple yet stunning way is to set out floral-filled lanterns that will light up your big day. With outdoor weddings, the party relies heavily on the sun to light the ceremony, but if the day turns out to be overcast or the sun sets sooner than planned, it can leave guests squinting to see.

Lanterns are very trendy right now. Find some in a style that matches your wedding’s theme and fill them with flowers that match your bouquets. Add some subtle string lights to provide an illuminating effect that adds extra light and ambiance.

Design a Floral Entrance

A backyard wedding comes with a homey, family-filled charm. There is a certain elegance and woodland magic that fills the air in a backyard ceremony. Get each guest into the fairytale mindset the second they step foot into your venue by setting up a floral entrance item.

Something as simple as an archway paved with peonies can bring the space together and get guests in the right headspace to actively engage in your wedding ceremony.

Pro Tip: Floral archways are a great DIY Project. Using real or fake flowers will work, but if you use real flowers, you must create the structure very close to the wedding date in order to keep the blossoms fresh.

Make a Planter Path

One of the plights of a backyard wedding is the struggle of herding guests to their seats and keeping necessary aisles clear. Set out an intentionally crafted planter path to help guide guests to their seats.

You can get planters from your local home improvement or home renovation store and fill them with the proper type of dirt. Then, plant flowers that match your theme to give these pathway guides style and purpose.

Don’t want the hassle of planting multiple pots right before your big day? Try filling the planters with foam and creating a floral arrangement with cut fresh flowers instead. Then, put a thin layer of dirt or moss over the top of the foam to create a full, live planter look without the effort of maintaining one.

Dress Tables With Floral Accents

Dress up your tables with a few small floral accents. While centerpieces can be beautiful, they can overpower a table in a backyard setting. If you love the look of floral-dressed tables but don’t want the distraction of a boisterous centerpiece, consider using smaller floral accents.

Here are a few ideas for simple floral accents at your backyard wedding.

  • Place a single flower in each silverware wrap
  • Put a small vase with three or fewer flowers next to each table number marker
  • Lay a flower across the napkin of each table setting
  • Use a small potted flower as a guest seat marker, using a chalkboard marker to write the guest’s name on the pot. These can even double as wedding favors!

There are so many options for simple flower ideas for a backyard wedding. These five are a great place to start. Backyard weddings are intimate and filled with love, and incorporating small floral touches only adds to the ambiance of your big day.

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August 17, 2021

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