5 Sentimental “Something Blue” Ideas for Your Wedding Day

5 Sentimental “Something Blue” Ideas for Your Wedding Day

No walk down the aisle is complete without something blue. Since blue is the color of hope, optimism, and love, blue accessories and wedding gown details have long been a classic wedding day tradition.

Most commonly, brides receive blue jewelry to accessorize with their dress before walking down the aisle. However, there are plenty of other ways brides can cleverly include something blue in their wedding ceremony.

To learn five sentimental “something blue” ideas for your wedding day, continue reading the article below.

Ancestral Accessories

On days like your wedding day, it’s hard not to think about all the women who have come before you. Your mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother all found and created love in their lives and passed it on.

Even if those members of your family cannot physically be with you on your wedding day, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate their lives into your walk down the aisle.

For example, consider wearing a blue accessory or piece of jewelry that your mother or grandmother previously wore. Whether they wore these accessories on their wedding days or if they’re simply a reminder of their spirit, this item will add an emotional detail to your wedding attire.

Blue Blossoms

Although many brides choose to wear something blue as an accessory, these items can also be decorations. In fact, blue flowers are a sentimental and unique way to channel this tradition. So, whether you incorporate blue flowers into your bouquet or line your aisle with your favorite blue blossoms, adding this hint of color will be a clever and simple approach to this timeless tradition.

Browse these classic blue bridal bouquet ideas to find your perfect flower combination. 

Fabric Features

If you prefer to keep your wedding dress details more private, sewing a secret swatch of sentimental fabric to the inside of your wedding gown will be the perfect option for you. Whether you include a piece of your first blue baby blanket or your grandmother’s favorite scarf, this intimate detail will transform your wedding dress into a thoughtful and historical symbol of your life so far.

Sentimental Shoes

Can’t think of any sentimental “something blue” ideas for your wedding day? Consider adding this lucky color to your shoes. Even if your dress covers your heels, you’ll strut proudly down the aisle knowing that you’ve successfully channeled this tradition.

Check out these best blue wedding shoes to wear in 2021 for more inspiration.

You can dial up the sentimentality on your wedding day footwear by wearing a passed-down pair of blue shoes. If you’re the same size as your mother or grandmother, why not wear their vintage heels down the aisle?

Or, if you still fit into shoes from your youth, try wearing this footwear instead. Since most wedding dresses cover a bride’s feet, there’s no reason not to wear classic flat shoes that remind you of your younger years.

Vintage Vehicles

Prefer to save your blue item for the end of your ceremony? If so, we recommend renting a cool blue and vintage vehicle to drive into the sunset. Not only will renting a vintage blue car be the perfect way to start your honeymoon, but this item will also be a beloved and sentimental memory for you and your partner to look back on over the years.

Check out the best blue wedding cars to find the best fit for you and your partner.

Start your honeymoon off right. Invest in a classic blue car to complete this tradition and start the next chapter of your life.

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