5 Reasons Why You Need an Emergency Kit for Your Wedding Day

5 Reasons Why You Need an Emergency Kit for Your Wedding Day

As you prepare for your big day, you want everything to go perfectly, from the decorations to the seating arrangements to the caterers to your walk down the aisle. However, life happens, and it’s always best to be prepared for the unexpected.

Although we don’t want emergencies or malfunctions to happen, preparing an emergency kit just in case is essential. Spills, stains, wardrobe malfunctions, trips, and falls are bound to happen at any time. Instead of being thrown for a loop, having a kit with all your essential items is necessary for a perfect wedding day.

Do you still need convincing? Here are five reasons why you need an emergency kit for your wedding day.

What’s a Wedding Day Emergency Kit?

As the name implies, a wedding day emergency kit is a collection of items that will help fix any problems you encounter on your big day. Whether your bridesmaid has a migraine or your earrings broke and need a quick glue fix, your kit is there to alleviate your stress.

Your wedding day kit is there to help you know that no matter the issue, you have a solution. You or your wedding party won’t have to worry about running to the store for last-minute items because the kit will have it all.

Why Should I Have an Emergency Kit?

There are so many possible mishaps that can happen before and after your wedding. It could be a family member who pre-gamed too much before the reception or an emotional vow reading where you need extra tissues. Below are the top five reasons why you need an emergency kit for your wedding day to help motivate you to create your own kit.

You May Have a Wardrobe Malfunction

One of the biggest wedding day fears and problems is having a wardrobe malfunction. Whether it’s your partner, your wedding party, or yourself, having a sewing kit on hand is essential. You don’t need a professional tailor to help fix minor gown or suit malfunctions. A needle and thread in colors matching your ensembles will get the job done.

Someone May Need Nonemergency Medical Attention

Whether your cousin had too much to drink or one of your guests took a tumble, having some medication, bandages, and other first aid kit essentials is necessary. You never know what can happen when you mix good vibes, unlimited drinks and food, and a great music playlist. Having a first aid kit on hand will help get any nonemergency issues under control.

Your Bling Could Use an Extra Shine

Your jewelry should be in its best condition for your wedding day. Packing extra jewelry cleaner in your wedding kit is a must. Your guests will ask to see your ring up close and personal all night long, and your photographer may take a few close-ups. You can tell when a ring is dull or not properly cleaned. Thus, it’s only right to ensure it is sparkling.

Someone May Need a Touch-Up

When you have your hair and makeup trial, determine which products you need in travel sizes. There’s nothing wrong with a touch-up between the wedding and the reception. Weddings are emotional, overwhelming, and sometimes humid. Having a few blotting pads, mascara, concealer, and setting spray will help keep your makeup flawless throughout the day and night.

Emotions May Run Wild During the Ceremony

As stated before, emotions can run rampant during the wedding ceremony and reception. Tears are bound to fall during heartwarming speeches and with the realization that you’re marrying the love of your life. Therefore, extra tissues are a must-have for your wedding day kit.

Who Should Hold the Kit?

It would be best if you didn’t have to worry about keeping up with the emergency kit. After all, you have to socialize, pose for photos, and do all the other wonderful things that come with being newlywed. Instead, it would be best if you chose a trusted member of your wedding party that can keep up with your essentials. Or, if you hire a wedding day coordinator, they can look after your emergency items.

Don’t feel unprepared or anxious on your wedding day! Don’t forget to create a wedding day emergency kit full of your essentials. Make the most of your day and have a stress-free night knowing that all your emergencies are handled.

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January 13, 2023

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