5 Reasons Why Couples Go Over Their Wedding Budget

5 Reasons Why Couples Go Over Their Wedding Budget

Wedding planning doesn’t always go as planned, especially when it comes to having a strict budget. Ironing out the numbers and realizing you’ve exceeded your and your partner’s limits can leave you feeling stressed.

There are a few reasons why you may be exceeding your wedding budget. Continue reading to identify ways you may be overspending and how to cut back.

Wedding Guest Count

When was the last time you counted your guest list? Guest list count is the number one culprit for increased wedding costs. Since catering cost depends on your guest count, you may want to comb through the list to ensure everyone you’ve considered is who you truly want to be present. The more people, the higher the catering bill.

There may be room to cut plus ones or guests you’re only inviting due to courtesy. At the end of the day, your wedding is an intimate affair, and you should only invite people you can’t imagine your day without. If you find yourself second-guessing anyone on the list, they probably shouldn’t be there. Reducing your guest count will directly reduce costs, which may save your budget.

Expensive Bar Packages

Providing bar service for your guests is expensive, and you may have to go over budget to accommodate them. Instead of going with unlimited spirits, do a cash bar and allow your guests to pay for their own drinks.

You can also purchase your own spirits and hire a bartender to serve your guests to save some money. Alternatively, opt for two signature drinks and provide soft drinks at the bar. Your guests won’t be upset either way, and you’ll be able to do something creative and exclusive to you while saving money.


Décor can easily rack up the bill. When planning the wedding of your dreams, you may find yourself going overboard with all the added details. It can be expensive to decorate your venue, especially if you’re not having a DIY wedding.

One way to reduce costs is to find a scenic venue so that you won’t have to add much décor. Another option, of course, is DIYing the wedding. Make your own centerpieces, favors, and more instead of hiring someone else to do them. This can help shave down the budget, although it will require more effort on your end.


Florals are costly, especially if you’re ordering specific flowers out of season or using them for all your decorations. You can still have beautiful floral pieces at your wedding without driving up the costs.

Consider silk flowers or fake floral arrangements that mimic the color and texture of real flowers without the unwanted costs. Alternatively, you can cut down on the number of flowers used during the ceremony and focus on the reception centerpieces.


Entertainment is another reason why couples go over their wedding budgets. While it’s great to keep your guests entertained, they’re at your wedding to celebrate you and your partner’s union, not to be entertained by a soloist. Instead of hiring additional entertainment such as belly dancers or violinists, stick to a DJ and perhaps even a photobooth.

If you want to have a soloist, be sure to include that cost in your budget. Then, go over other details on your list that you can reduce or do without, like late-night snacks, excessive floral ceremony décor, or an open bar.

Look at your vendor list, consider your priorities, and make sure you’re not overspending in a single category (unless you really want to and can afford to). There are often many reasons that you’ve exceeded your budget. Be sure to consider this list when determining where to shave down your costs.

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June 29, 2022

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