5 Reasons To Have an Outdoor Wedding Celebration

5 Reasons To Have an Outdoor Wedding Celebration

Having an outdoor wedding is a great opportunity to get married in a unique location. You can have a more meaningful wedding experience—just make sure to have a backup plan in case of rain or other bad weather. You can choose a beach or your ancestral farm for the ceremony and reception. You’ll also be able to use more extravagant decorations. However, be sure to check the weather forecast before planning your outdoor wedding.


Besides the obvious benefit of being more environmentally friendly, an outdoor wedding also offers more room for socializing. Outdoor wedding venues offer spacious grounds with a variety of outdoor elements, from waterfalls to hidden gardens and fairy bridges. Additionally, guests can mingle without having to be stuck at tables. Many outdoor venues have beautifully landscaped grounds, making it easy to create the perfect setting for your special day. Also, an outdoor wedding can offer a separate space for children.

An outdoor venue is ideal for weddings with large guest lists. However, it can be challenging to hear the celebrant if the guests are seated in the back. To avoid problems with sound quality, consider investing in microphones. Make sure to state that it will be an outdoor wedding on the invitations. Moreover, plan for the weather before holding your outdoor wedding.


An outdoor wedding ceremony or reception can be a great option at any time of year. Fall is a beautiful season for an outdoor wedding. Autumnal colors add a romantic flair to the pictures, and the weather is nearly perfect! Whether it’s sunny skies or rain, you’ll find the ideal conditions for a fall wedding. And as a bonus, it’s easy to book a venue and make plans for rainy weather in advance. Despite its cooler temperatures, the autumn season can still produce stunning foliage, which adds to the romantic atmosphere.

April and May are both wet months, but May tends to be warmer and drier. During these months, there’s less competition among suppliers. You may even get a slightly lower price than in the summer. However, make sure you have a backup plan if there’s unexpected rain. Keep in mind that spring and April might conflict with some religious holidays. Therefore, make sure to check out these dates and pick the best one for your wedding.


Having an outdoor wedding is often less expensive than having a traditional indoor wedding. Many venues require a minimum number of guests, while others charge per head. Your total cost depends on your guest list, so make sure you have a realistic budget. If you have a limited budget, you might be able to save some money by cutting your guest list by 10 or 20 people. Having fewer guests means cutting out one table, 10 place settings, and 10 favors. Cutting your guest list by 10 to 20 people can save you up to $1,000 or more. However, in terms of space, an outdoor venue restricts your guest count less than an indoor one.

When planning your wedding, you should keep several costs in mind, but holding an outdoor event can help you save on some of your expenses. Using a public beach or park for your outdoor ceremony and reception is typically much less expensive than booking an indoor venue. All you have to do is rent a tent if the weather is bad.

However, it can be more expensive to hire a caterer if you choose to have the reception outdoors. You’ll likely still need to hire a wedding planner to help you decide on the number of tables and serving stations and the size of your dance floor. In addition to the venue costs, you may want to consider bug-control measures. Mosquitos and other insects can be a problem if you have flowers and grasses in the area. Using natural pesticides will help keep mosquitoes away.

Fun Activities

If you’re holding your wedding outdoors, you might want to consider putting on some fun activities. A classic lawn game like Connect Four is a great idea. You can purchase an oversized version for your guests to play. There are also several card games that everyone will enjoy, including UNO. You can order personalized versions for your guests. You can even get a giant Jenga set! Whatever you decide to do, make sure to have fun!

If most of the activities at your wedding are for older guests, plan games that kids of different ages can play together. For example, you can rent out a fairground icon, such as hook-a-duck, to keep everyone entertained. Or consider hiring balloon artists to create entertainment for the kids. Kids may also enjoy a separate face-painting area. Just make sure to warn guests not to get face paint on their dresses or other attire.


If you are getting married outdoors, you may want to add a few accents to the décor. Consider using trees and other greenery to create a beautiful wall for your vow exchange. A chalkboard with a rustic wooden finish would be a perfect addition. You could hang signs and vases from the trees, and candlelight is also a romantic choice for an outdoor wedding. Just make sure that you use containers to store the candles.

Adding a photo gallery is an unusual and stylish touch for your outdoor wedding. You can run string lights around the trunk of a tree or fix pictures to ropes. The display will be stunning! You can also make your photo zone chic by lining it with potted succulents or aesthetic shrubs. Adding a Victorian couch to the picture-taking area is also a great idea. The Victorian-style couch looks great surrounded by pots and makes for a chic photo zone.

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