5 Practical Items To Include on Your Wedding Registry

5 Practical Items To Include on Your Wedding Registry

Putting together a wedding registry is not as simple as it may seem. Sure, it’s easy to write down a dream gift list for you and your partner. However, compromising a realistic and fair list of requested gifts takes more thought and consideration.

We’re sharing five practical items to include on your wedding registry to help you get started in this article.

Vacuum Cleaners

Although it may not seem like the most exciting of wedding gifts to receive, you’ll have zero regrets putting a vacuum cleaner on your wedding registry. When your ceremony, reception, and honeymoon ends, you and your partner will be anxious to get your hands on household supplies to start your new life together.

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most practical and requested gifts for newlyweds everywhere. Since they can eat into your budget, receiving one as a gift will benefit your home and your wallet.

Slow Cookers

Life as a newlywed couple can be chaotic. Whether you’re moving into a new home together or you’re jumping back into work after your honeymoon, adjusting to your new schedule will take some time. To help make this transition period more effortless, we recommend putting a slow cooker on your wedding registry.

Slow cookers are the gift that keeps on giving. You’ll use this convenient appliance for years after your wedding date to cook convenient and delicious dinners.

Bathroom Towels

The key to deciding what practical items to include on your wedding registry is to consider your budget versus your guests. Creating a list full of costly gift options will result in your guests choosing their own presents to give you at your wedding. However, choosing inexpensive and small items for your registry will also hurt your newlywed budget in the long run.

Choosing essential everyday items is an effective solution to this problem. For example, bathroom towels are the perfect wedding registry item. They aren’t overly expensive but can still eat into a newlywed budget when bought in bulk.

So if you’re struggling to thread the needle between costly and affordable registry items, consider asking for bathroom towels.

Dinnerware Sets

Your new home setup would not be complete without a dinnerware set. Asking for a dinnerware set of plates, bowls, and silverware will be essential to help you and your partner transition into married life.

Unlike living in a one-bedroom apartment, your new home will need plenty of dishes and silverware for your guests and family to use. Browse through different dinnerware collections to find a set that fits your new home’s aesthetic the best!


Money is becoming one of the most popular registry gifts. Since many modern couples live together before getting married, sometimes home supplies and items are less necessary. When newlyweds already have household essentials, giving money as a gift is a smart and appreciated alternative. Couples can use these money donations to build funding for buying their first home.

Engaged couples can use wedding websites, such as The Knot, to create a fund specifically for their registry. 

We hope this list of potential practical registry items has been a beneficial resource. Remember: consider both your budget and your guest’s budget when composing your list. The more thought you put into your wedding registry, the better investments you’ll make for your future home.

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November 9, 2021

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