5 Interior Design Trends That Will Inspire Your Wedding Décor

5 Interior Design Trends That Will Inspire Your Wedding Décor

Deciding on the perfect theme for your wedding takes time, and you have a lot to choose from. Your theme can reflect the things you and your partner value, your interests, or something you love. There are no rules here! We’ve compiled some of the best interior design trends to inspire your wedding décor. Get great ideas to decorate for your special day.

Farmhouse Chic

Lately, industrial and farmhouse chic designs have been all the rage. When it comes to interior design trends, many search out furniture with wrought iron and various wood types. Consider using this type of furniture for the reception and cocktail hour if it aligns with your vision of the perfect wedding.

In addition, most aim to have lighting fixtures with Edison bulbs. As for extra décor, aim to have some green life throughout the venue plus wooden signs saying things like “family,” “love,” and “Mr. & Mrs.” for a personal touch.


When it comes to minimalism, less is always more. Rely on the natural beauty of your venue or have the love between you and your partner be the only focal point. As for colors, most recommend sticking to monochromatic or muted shades—soft pink, pale yellow, etc.—to keep things looking subtle. Remember, you don’t want to pick anything too overpowering, so ensure each decoration you pick out is simple yet elegant.

Natural Beauty

Another popular interior design trend perfect for your wedding décor is using nature’s gift to personalize the space. Plants come in a wide variety, from simple greenery to floral beauties, and you can intermix these options within your venue. Plus, you can add some pops of color or personalization based on the vases you pick. Search out pots made with different materials and painted various shades or decide on a single color to use throughout the venue.

This idea’s great because it’s also eco-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about throwing your decorations away after the big day. In fact, if you buy the plants, you can take them home to decorate your house.


When it comes to “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue,” you may emphasize something old. Plenty of us appreciate items from the past because of their beauty and the stories they tell. Search for secondhand decorations like decorative glasses and centerpieces at a thrift shop. Also, strive to pick a location with historical roots so your venue and decorating scheme have that vintage touch.


The romantic decorating style is perfect for your special day since a wedding is all about romance! To achieve this theme, place flowers around the venue and consider having lace trim wherever you can. Everything should appear perfectly put together and elegant. Additionally, most gravitate toward softer colors to capture this theme because it creates a more relaxed atmosphere.

Bonus Bridal Tips

A few tips go a long way, especially when planning the perfect wedding. Below, we’ve added a few extra details to help you tie your theme and decorating trend into the big day!

Don’t Forget Invitations

Showcase your theme through the invitations. Keep the invitations rather simple if you decide on an outdoor wedding with minimal decoration. It should list your names and key details. You don’t have to add photos or different designs to it.

Carefully Consider Your Trend

Remember, deciding on a trend takes time, and planning a themed wedding could impact the decorating scheme you pick.For example, vintage trends may work best if you decide on an old Hollywood theme. On the other hand, minimalism is often perfect for an outdoor wedding in the mountains or at the beach.

Evaluate all your options so you make a perfect choice. After all, this is your wedding we’re talking about; it’s the greatest party of your life! You should love every moment of it down to the last detail.

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July 27, 2022

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