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5 Handmade Bridal Party Proposal Gift Ideas

When the time comes to pop the question to your closest friends, you need a bridesmaid proposal that’s memorable and sweet. Many of us love homemade gifts because they show a different level of care. A personal gift is a great way to ask your closest friends to stand by you on your wedding day. Jot down these handmade bridal party proposal gift ideas to make this sweet gift unique.

Sweet Boxes

If you love sweets, propose to your bridal party with a box of treats! You could bake homemade cookies and decorate them with big questions iced on. Take things a step further by placing this in a gift box alongside a cute mug and drink mixes like cocoa, coffee, or tea. You could also personalize the drink according to your bridesmaids. One of those lovely ladies may be a coffee addict, while another loves hot chocolate. As you assemble the proposal boxes, include what they’d like most.

Monogrammed Glasses

Present your bridesmaids-to-be with monogrammed glasses or drink tumblers. This is something they can use every day. Plus, you can ask them to bring it on the wedding day to enjoy drinks as you all get ready together. This gift idea makes for cute pictures and gives your bridesmaids another excuse to use this special cup.

Spa Night Gift

Another great handmade bridal party proposal gift idea is to create a spa night gift box. You can assemble this by purchasing a soft robe, sleep mask, bath bomb, and candle. Of course, you could make the bath bomb or candle yourself if you feel up to it and want to add an extra layer of homemade sentiment to this gift.

Beautiful Jewelry

If you have a specific piece of jewelry in mind that you want your bridal party to wear for your wedding, include it in their gift. Some crafty brides-to-be make the pieces themselves because it adds to their sentimental value.

While the jewelry could be the same for each of your bridesmaids, you could also make it more personal by centering it around:

  • Favorite color(s)
  • Initials
  • Birthstone

This is also great because it gives everyone in your bridal party an accessory. They can show off this present anytime, whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or ring.

Mix and Match

Many women combine a variety of options to create the perfect bridesmaid proposal. For instance, you could bake something sweet and then buy a pair of earrings, a drink tumbler, and a cosmetic face mask to place into a gift box. Once you’ve laid everything out the way you like, the only thing missing is how you’ll pop the question.

Why Are Bridesmaid Proposals Important?

While there are many ways to propose to bridesmaids, you may still wonder whether they matter. Do you have to give a gift? Technically, no, but it shows a level of love and gratitude. Standing up in a wedding can be expensive, and sometimes, it means sacrificing time. One of the top things to know about bridesmaid proposalsis that a gift represents sentiment; it shows that you feel honored to have them at your wedding.

Bridal Tip

As you organize your gift or gift box, one of the most important things to include is a personalized note to each of them. It doesn’t have to be long. Instead, jot down something special about the person and why you want them to stand by your side. Small details like this make a handmade bridal party gift something they’ll treasure.

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