5 Creative Ideas To Use Technology in Your Wedding

5 Creative Ideas To Use Technology in Your Wedding

When planning your wedding, you want to think of ways to add great elements that enhance the guest experience. Yes, you want to ensure the focus stays on the beautiful journey you and your new spouse are embarking on, and your guests are there to share in the celebration of two wonderful people becoming partners for life. The important nature of the vows you take and your lifelong commitment to one another mean your wedding is a life marker of significance.

5 Creative Ideas To Use Technology in Your Wedding
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That said, we have come a long way from lighting a unity candle, jumping a broom, tying the knot, or hosting cake and punch receptions. Today’s couples have so many options to think outside the box and incorporate elements into their wedding that will have a lasting impact on the guests’ experience, memories, and fun. Here are my top five ideas for ways to add modern technology to your wedding celebration.

  1. Let’s start with the ring. Who doesn’t love to rock a big rock? But how about taking your exchange of rings to a whole new level with subtle yet stunning and sleek rings? This modern and stylish ring even comes with fitness tracking capabilities and app integration features. There’s no better way to say, “I love you; let’s stay healthy together!”
  2. Couples have found many ways to add their personality to the tops of their wedding cakes. Gone are the days of just putting a monogram, a bell, or plastic figurines on a cake. Now you can top your cake with a 3D replica of yourself! DOOB 3D Technology can create an exact replica of you and your new spouse that can be used as a cake topper or even given as a gift. It’s the perfect memento to capture any special moment in time.
  3. Dance the night away on a cloud, under the sea, or beneath the stars! With the latest LED technology and full print dance floor options and dance floor decals, including monogram decals, you can create fun illusions for your reception’s dance floor. With Inkredible Floors, you are only limited to your imagination.
  4. Have a little fun with your cocktail service by adding a Robotic Bartender! The Barsys 2.0 is a smart automated cocktail-making machine. Create perfect drinks with nothing more than the click of a button.
  5. Drone photography has revolutionized the ability to capture some incredible photos of your wedding. The agility and precision of these drones allow photographers and videographers to create amazing effects and memories for your wedding day.
5 Creative Ideas To Use Technology in Your Wedding
Photo Credit: Patricia Photography

These are just a few ideas to bring high-tech elements to your celebration to create some unique memories. Whether you choose to go all out with a futuristic disco-themed reception or prefer to keep the tech elements simple with a smart wedding ring, these elements can do a lot to help you personalize your big day. Your guests will surely talk about your wedding’s unique use of technology for many years to come, and you will likely get inquiries about how you were able to achieve such a stunning dance floor that truly transported guests to another place through the use of LED lights.

But in the end, the most important thing is to have fun celebrating your love story and enjoy your day! You and your new spouse will always be able to look back on this day with fond memories.

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April 27, 2022

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