4 Unique and Creative Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Bands

4 Unique and Creative Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Bands

One of the key steps during your engagement is deciding on the perfect wedding bands that you and your partner will treasure for a lifetime. Couples may find the perfect ring at the jewelry shop, but that’s not the case for everyone, especially if you want a band that stands out. Some of the most unique and creative ways to personalize your wedding band are by doing one of the following:

  • Engraving the band
  • Repurposing treasured rings
  • Skipping what’s traditional
  • Making a custom ring

Sit down with your partner and discuss what both of you envision for the ideal band. You may have different styles in mind or want a special saying engraved into it. This article will give you great ideas to make your ring one of a kind.

4 Unique and Creative Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Bands

Engrave It

One of the best ways to customize your wedding band is by engraving it with something special. This adds an extra layer of personalization to the band and truly makes it one of a kind. Let’s get deeper into some engraving ideas, prices, and other key details!

Engraving Ideas

What you get engraved on the inner side of the band is up to you and your partner. Many couples like to do something centered around their love. Some ideas for romantic sayings include:

  • I love you
  • True love
  • Eternity
  • Forever yours

You could also split a saying between both of your rings, like “Love you to the moon and back” One person could have “love you too,” and the other could have “the moon & back.” Using “too” instead of “to” takes the meaning one step further by showing your equal love for your partner. 

When it comes to your engraving, you’re not limited to words. Some couples simply do their initials, the date they met, or their anniversary. You could also cite a religious passage, depending on your faith. Your options for what you engrave are limited by one thing—your imagination. But you should keep in mind that most rings only allow for 16 characters due to the limited space.

Pricing and Timeline

Now, your mind may be bursting with engravement ideas, but there are also two nagging questions: how much does it cost, and how long does it take? Both depend on various factors that we’ve explained below.

Engravement Prices

Most wedding planners recommend establishing a budget early on so you can determine where you’ll spend the most. If you engrave your bands, you’ll need to factor the price into the cost of the ring, then verify it fits your budget. Typically, ring engravement costs $50 to $100. The price depends on where you buy your ring, how many characters the engraving is, and the type of engraving.

Hand engraving usually costs more than laser engraving. Plus, laser engraving is usually faster and works well on various types of material. But a handmade engraving does add a special touch.

Timeline for Engravement

Similar to price, this usually depends on your jeweler but normally takes around a month. If you plan on engraving your wedding rings, aim to do it at least two months before your wedding date. Giving yourself extra time lessens stress levels and gives you a cushion in case the process takes longer.

4 Unique and Creative Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Bands

Repurpose an Old Band

If you already have a ring that you love or something special in the family, another option is to use that as your wedding ring. There are many ways to repurpose old jewelry, so it will be unique to you. And reusing an heirloom adds a special touch to your union and further shows the support of two families. You can enhance the ring to make it unique to you so you have a bit of the past mixed with your love story.

Tips for Using Family Heirlooms

When you use heirloom jewelry, both of you should know the story behind it. Did it belong to a great-grandparent? Why was it passed on, to begin with? The ring has a story that every owner should know. And if you have children someday, you may want to continue the tradition and give it to them.

You should also bring the ring to a professional jeweler so they can inspect it and repair it. Have them clean it and tend to the metal during this period so it’s in perfect condition on your wedding day.

Jewelers also recommend checking the current sizing of the ring since you may need to get it adjusted. After all, you didn’t purchase the ring, and the original owner may have had a larger or smaller ring size. The band needs to fit your finger perfectly.

Altering Heirlooms

Some people may want to change the setting a bit or make a small addition to the ring. Before doing this, talk with your partner and the giver of the ring to ensure everyone is on board. Although the owner gave it to you, they may take a bit of offense if you change the band without consulting them. This is especially true if the band has been passed through the family for generations without changes.

So what do you do if you’re presented with an heirloom you don’t want? Express your gratitude and admiration but explain that you’d like to pick out your own. If the giver still wants you to have it, accept the gift and wear it at other times. We give gifts to show our love for others.

4 Unique and Creative Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Bands

Ditch Traditional Bands

Many brides have diamonds along the wedding band, and while this creates a beautiful sparkle, you’re not limited to that gemstone. Another unique and creative way to personalize your bands is to ditch the diamonds and matching bands.

If you and your partner like different metals, then follow your preferences. And if you don’t want diamonds on your wedding ring, you could choose something else. Other stones symbolizing love include:

  • Pink sapphire
  • Rose quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Ruby
  • Opal
  • Blue topaz

You don’t have to follow any traditions about wedding bands and what’s considered typical. This is a piece of jewelry you’ll show off every day, so it should align with your style.

Atypical Band Styles

You could also ditch traditional wedding bands by deciding on a unique band style. Some brides get a wedding ring with a knot shape at the top to symbolize “tying the knot.” Others purchase rings with a cutout at the top.

Another option is to choose alternative materials like black gold because it stands out more than yellow or white gold. Rose gold is another option that’s become more popular over the years but still isn’t as common as those top two.

4 Unique and Creative Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Bands

Create a Custom Ring

Sometimes, you may find that no options at the store speak to you. None of the rings reflect your love story because they’re not as unique as your love. When in doubt, create a custom wedding ring! Some people do this for their engagement rings, and nothing prevents you from creating your wedding ring.

Tips for Getting Custom Rings

If you decide to get a custom ring, consider evaluating the price to ensure this option is within budget. You’ll also need to talk with the jeweler about how long it will take so you give yourself enough time before the big day. And you can take things one step further by selecting different gemstones or engraving the band.

Do What Suits You

When you buy your wedding band, what is most important is that you love the way it looks. Your wedding ring symbolizes the bond between you and your partner for life. Take the time you need so you and your soon-to-be spouse can pick out the perfect marriage rings.

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