4 Tactful Ways To Say “No Kids” on Your Wedding Invitations

4 Tactful Ways To Say “No Kids” on Your Wedding Invitations

When you’re sending out invitations for your wedding, there may come a time when you need to specify that no children are allowed. This can be a touchy subject, but there are ways to do it that will be respectful of your guests and their children. Here are four tips for wording your “no kids” announcement on your invitation.

Be Delicate

First, consider your wording carefully. You want to be clear yet respectful and understanding of your guests’ needs. You certainly don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or offend your guests. Still, some people may absolutely need to bring their children. If that’s the case, consider including a note about arrangements for childcare during the ceremony and reception. Whatever you do, be sure to be clear and respectful in your wording. Your guests will appreciate it.

Say “Adults Only”

One way to say “no kids” is to specify that the event is “adults only.” This lets guests know right away that they shouldn’t bring their children. This way, they can focus on having fun and enjoying themselves without having to worry about their kids. When you word your invitation this way, your guests will know what to expect at your wedding and be able to find childcare in advance.

Be Specific About Who’s Invited

Sometimes, couples choose to list the names of those who are invited on the invitation itself. This makes it clear that only those listed are invited, and no children should be brought along. While this may seem like a harsh way to handle things, it can actually be quite tactful.

After all, it’s your special day, and you should be able to invite whomever you please! Plus, by explicitly listing those who are invited, you can avoid any confusion about the invite, awkwardness, or hurt feelings on the day of the event.

Inform Your Guests Verbally

Instead of writing it on the invitation, some couples rely on word of mouth to spread the news. If you decide to inform your guests verbally, let your friends and family with children know that you would prefer not to have any young guests at the wedding. Then, sit back and relax, knowing that your guests will get the message loud and clear.

No matter which way you choose to word your invitations, be sure to be respectful of your guests and their children. If you’re worried about how your guests will take the news, remember that most people will understand and respect your wishes and not bring their kids. So long as you’re clear in your wording and polite in your explanation, there’s no reason for anyone to feel offended by an “adults only” invitation. In fact, they’ll likely appreciate it!

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October 5, 2022

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