3 Best Wedding Insurance Policies for Couples

3 Best Wedding Insurance Policies for Couples

When you get married, there are a lot of factors to consider ranging from the venue to the food you’ll serve. Many couples purchase wedding insurance to ensure nothing goes awry along the way. This provides financial protection if you need to cancel or postpone the big day. The question is, which insurance should you get? Below, we’ve detailed the best wedding insurance policies for couples. 

Defining Wedding Insurance

Before we get into the best plans, let’s take a moment to talk about what wedding insurance is and whether it’s worth it. Similar to other types of insurance, this protects your deposit and ensures you don’t lose all your money if something goes wrong.

For instance, if you get sick and need to postpone the wedding, some vendors will be compassionate but may not give you your money back. After all, they have a business to run. If you have wedding insurance, the coverage company will reimburse you a specific amount based on your plan.

Whether this insurance is worth the money is a matter of opinion, but most event planners will advise you to at least purchase a basic coverage plan. No one likes to lose money, and weddings are expensive. With insurance, you have peace of mind in knowing you won’t be out thousands of dollars if the worst-case scenario happens.

Travelers Wedding Insurance

This is a top option for many couples as it protects your deposit against various issues related to your celebration. For instance, it covers vendor no-shows, travel delays, military deployment, or illness. Travelers Wedding Insurance also reimburses you for damage to your flowers, cake, or wedding attire. Each item is expensive, and you don’t need the headache of losing hundreds or thousands of dollars on top of the issue.

Travelers Wedding Insurance costs vary depending on the protection option you choose and what you need to cover; the base cost of liability insurance starts at $165. Covering your entire wedding will cost much more than just getting insurance on your attire. The plan you choose depends on which items you feel need the most protection.


The company WedSafe offers another one of the best wedding insurance policies for couples. When deciding on a policy type, you need to choose wedding liability insurance and/or wedding cancellation insurance. To select the best plan, WedSafe has you fill out an online form detailing the following information:

  • Where you live
  • Where the wedding is
  • Date of wedding
  • Number of guests
  • Whether you’ll serve alcohol

After filling out the form, you’ll see the available coverage options, plus liability and cancellation insurance prices. Liability insurance through WedSafe starts at $150, while cancellation insurance starts at $130. This makes for a base cost of $280 if you buy the basic plan for both options.

Many couples like WedSafe because it’s affordable and provides you with instant online quotes. This makes it easier to analyze costs and purchase the best coverage based on your budget.


Wedsure is another great company for wedding insurance that gives you online quotes in no time! This insurance option charges as little as $125 for wedding liability insurance. However, Wedsure has eight different insurance coverage plans for couples to choose from, and each comes at a different rate.  

You can also purchase Wedsure insurance for specific items such as your wedding dress, jewelry, or gifts. With one of these plans, you don’t have to worry about losing money if someone steals one of these items. Likewise, if the insured belonging gets damaged, you’ll receive reimbursement.

Choosing Your Best Option

As you evaluate your options, look at the price, what the plan covers, and whether the insurance company has options for your wedding location. Some companies, such as Travelers Wedding Insurance, don’t offer plans in every state. Similarly, if you go abroad for your big day, you need to find an insurance company with coverage in that country.

Take time to evaluate all your options and read through past customer reviews. Selecting the best plan ensures you have the coverage you need for your special day. Work with your partner to decide which option is best for your wedding as a team.

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March 10, 2023

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